Mermade Moments: October 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Say Goodbye to Cellulite Sally!

Last week, I posted a 15 minute Fat Blast exercise. This week is exercises to beat cellulite. Every girl's worst enemy. Try them out and let me know what you think! :)

These exercises are broken down into 3 levels. Once you feel comfortable with one level, move on to the next level of difficulty.

Level 1 : Beginner
  1. long leg scissor > 15 (obliques and abs)
  2. modified in + out push up > 12 alternating (shoulders, triceps, chest and core) start in girl push up position, with your hands just wider than your chest, do one push up and then move your hands under your shoulders and do another push up. keep alternating
  3. side lunge > 20 alternating (butt and legs) start with feet hip width apart with your knees slightly bent...lunge to your right, bending your knee 90 degrees and keeping left leg straight...step your right leg back to start and switch legs. repeat
Level 2 : Intermediate
  1. long leg scissor crunch > 15 (obliques and abs)
  2. in + out push up > 20 alternating (shoulders, triceps, chest and core)
  3. side lunge + squat > 20 alternating (butt and legs) do the side lunges like before, but add a squat before switching legs
Level 3 : Advanced
  1. long leg scissor with knee raise > 20 (obliques and abs) this is basically a bicycle crunch
  2. teeter totter push up > 15 alternating (shoulders, triceps, chest, and core) start in push up position with left hand under your left shoulder and right hand a little wider than your chest. do 1 push up and then switch arm positions. keep alternating
  3. side lunge + squat jump > 20 alternating (side lunge and squat jump) do the side lunges like before, but add a squat jump before switching legs
See ya later, Cellulite Sally. You won't be missed.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

15 Minute Fat Blast Workout!

In a desperate attempt to actually make myself work out do cardio, I found and adapted a 15 minute fat blast work out!

Do each one for 1 minute and repeat the whole thing 3 times.

1) Jump Rope : if you don't have a rope, play pretend.
2) Squat Jump : do a squat like you normally would and then with hands overhead "explode" upward. (this does not count toward your squat challenge!! ;] )
3) Lateral Dash : place 2 items within 8 feet of each other and dash left to right, touching the items each time. (I have a section of hard wood between to areas of carpet that would work for this)
4) Run in Place : get your knees above your waist and pump those arms!
5) Jacks & Jabs : with legs shoulder width apart, starting jabbing! (8 times) and then with fists up by your chin, do the jacks with legs only. If you're feeling crazy, jab the arms at the same time! (for one minute)

15 minutes of your day & you don't even have to leave the house!
Say No to Cellulite work out coming soon!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1st : No Excuses!

October kicks off the holiday months and we all know what that! Oh and cute Christmas outfits and little New Years dresses. Uh oh. Do you see the problem?

Since I finally remembered (at the beginning of the month), that I want Victoria Secret abs and a butt, I decided I would start up two challenges. I'm finally feeling good in my jeans again and I'm not going to let my love for everything pumpkin ruin that!

I've never made it through these challenges entirely and this blog is the perfect reason to stick with it. I always come up with some excuse like : 1) it's not Monday. I'll wait until next week or 2) it isn't the first of the month, so technically it isn't day 1. Since I wouldn't want to admit that I failed at my own challenge, I'm doing it all the way this time! 

So with a month left until Halloween and a month and a half until my 22nd birthday, I present to you...Get My A(b)ss In Shape Challenge!

For the sake of public shaming, here goes!!! No excuses! Care to join? Take before and after pictures and stick with it! Let's see how much of a difference we can see in ourselves!

I'm aware that says June...pretend it says October.
I tried to make this picture a little more appropriate...nice try?