Mermade Moments: February 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

Love in a Box Blogger Swap - February

February was the first month that Megan and Kimberly hosted the Love in a Box Blogger Swap!

The guidelines are as follows:

1. Box value cannot exceed $25, or $20 for international swaps.
2. Boxes must be sent by the 18th of each month, or by the 15th for international swaps.
3. Each participant must create a blog post about the swap and include a link to this page for interested bloggers.
4. Each participant must follow the hosts, Megan of Lush to Blush and Kimberly of Kimberly’s Chronicle on Bloglovin and at least one other social media. You must also follow the blogger you are swapped with each month.

I was paired with Lizzie from October June for this month and I was so excited! I've stalked her blog ever since I joined the HCBN and commented back and forth a few times with her. After exchanging a few emails, I knew we would be blog friends! She's a lover of coffee, a Harry Potter fan and a total sweetheart!

She sent me Fresh Sparkling Snow hand cream. It smells great and is perfect since I never get snow in California! I sent her Market Peach scented items to give her a taste of warmer weather and I thought this was funny! Great minds think alike!

I also got Rosehip body butter! The smell isn't overpowering and I cannot wait to use it! 

I've contemplated buying myself this notebook so many times from Target and I'm glad I waited!! 

I LOVE bracelets. I wear multiple a day and I LOVE this one. It's the prettiest green. Dainty and perfect for stacking. 

Lastly. I totally have these same note cards.

Let's just say, Lizzie gets me. The end. Thank you, lovely!!!! 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The 11 Types of People on Facebook

No introduction needed.
  • "OMG I HAVE THE BEST BOYFRIEND EVER!" - The Over Exaggerator. If your relationship was really THAT good, we wouldn't be hearing about it. Are you trying to convince yourself? Or us of his greatness?
  • "Aunt Flo is here to visit. Who wants to bring me cake?" - The Over Sharer. Gross. Nobody cares.
  • "Someone do something with me, please!!!" - The Begger. There might be a reason nobody is "hitting you up."
  • "Hey cutie. We should be friends." - The Creeper. Boys, do yourself a favor. Delete your social media accounts and crawl in a hole.
  • "You think it's cute to cheat?? I'll show you!!"... five minutes later. "Oh baby, I love you!" - The Crazy Girlfriend. You make yourself look stupid. Nobody feels bad for you anymore. The end.
  • "Don't you hate when your friend's don't write you back?? (Tags person) - The Name Dropper. You look CRAZY. Maybe your friend is busy...doing other things besides stalking people on Facebook.
  • "Send me lives on Candy Crush!" - The Lame Gamer. NO. I do not want to play that game. I do not want to send you lives or whatever they are called. I have ignored your 10,007 requests to play. For. A. Reason.
  • "So & So liked your picture from 2007." - The Social Media Stalker. WHY? This is not throwback thursday. No need to comment. The pictures are usually not cute anyway. Leave them in the past where they belong.
  • "I hate my life." - The Negative One. Stop crying wolf. People don't like your negativity. And when they try and help, you respond with "I don't want to talk about it!" Obviously you did. Or you wouldn't have posted it for all 396 of us to see.
  • "So & So uploaded 12 new pictures." - The Attention Seeker. WE KNOW WHAT YOUR FACE LOOKS LIKE. No need to post 12 selfies.
  • "OMG, I'm so handsome and rich and funny and you should be sad you missed out!" - The Desperate Guy You Used To Date (for like one week). You are not handsome. Or rich. Or funny. You are desperate and annoying. Move on.
This was a totally unexpected post, but I felt I just had to address the people of Facebook. I honestly have grown to HATE Facebook. (Sorry mom, I know it's not nice to say hate.) I just hate it. People are so negative and dramatic. Don't start a fight. Don't call people out. Don't air out your dirty laundry for all to see. Just don't.

The end. Sooo uhhh. Let's be friends? Unless you are one of the people mentioned above...JK.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cake Pops Make The World Go Round

I want to start posting more baking things on here. I decided to start with a tip on how to make cake pops round - the easy way! I was going with the whole "deliciously homemade" look for awhile, until I decided there had to be a better way. Cake pops are fantastic whether they are lopsided or cracked or perfectly round, but since we eat with our eyes first, I gave in.

I probably should've taken pictures of the baking process, but I didn't want to insult anyone's intelligence. You just bake a cake like you normally would. When it is cooled, add about 3/4 can of frosting and mix it with your hands until it forms a dough. Then place the dough in the refrigerator for a couple hours or in the freezer if you are pressed for time. I usually opt for the freezer because I'm impatient and often in a hurry.

Stuff You Need:
  • box cake mix and can of frosting
  • chocolate melts of some sort
  • sticks - I use wilton
So! Your cake is baked and all mixed up with frosting. You have your dough in front of you and you are ready to go... right?

  1. Take a piece of your 'dough' - you can use a scoop from Wilton or OXO or whatever you prefer. Sometimes I use the scoop and other times I eyeball it. I eyeballed it this time. Take the piece and make a ball, it doesn't have to be perfect!!! Now, flatten it. See told you.
  2. Flattening the dough will eliminate the chances of cracked cake pops. Step 2? ROLL ROLL ROLL as fast as you can. Seriously Do it quick!
  3. You should have a pretty round ball of cake pop goodness - if you rolled quick enough. Roll all of the cake balls out and set them on a plate or tray. Then place them in the fridge or freezer. Time varies for this. I like the freezer best. I will leave them in there for about an hour or even longer if I have to leave to do something.
  4. Take your cake balls out of the fridge or freezer. Bust out your Wilton sticks and left over frosting. Dip one end of the stick into the frosting and then stick that same side into your cake ball. Do this for all of them. Work quickly. The cake balls have grown up to be pops! I like to put my cake pops back in the freezer  for 15 minutes (even longer of you have the time or something else to do) for good measure. Nobody wants a floating cake ball in their cup of dippping chocolate.
    5. NOW! The fun begins.


    Right before you remove the cake pops from the freezer, you have to melt your chocolates. You can use chocolate chips or any sort of baking chocolate, but I like candy melts because they melt great and come in pretty colors. I melt mine in a coffee cup because it's deeper than a bowl. I put them in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stirring between each 30 second interval. I do this twice.

6. Dip your little heart out. Slowly submerge the cake pop into the cup of chocolate. Cover the cake pop with chocolate and slowly pull it back out. Tap the stick on the side of the cup to get the excess chocolate off. Do this for all of the pops. I set them on saran wrap. This prevents sticking.
7.  While the pops are still wet, you can cover them with sprinkles! This is totally optional of course, but let's be real. Sprinkles make everything better.
You are done! Cake pops are a lot of work, but they are so worth it. If you have any questions, please email me!

Extra Tips:
  • Boxed mix & canned frosting works best. It's against by making religion, but just do it. 
  • If you are making small pops, use the skinnier Wilton sticks. For large cake pops, use the thicker Wilton sticks.
  • DO NOT buy the little melting boxes from Wilton. They will burn and start to catch fire in your microwave. They are coated with this weird waxy stuff and yeah just don't.
Let's be friends!

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Little Friday

Monday, February 24, 2014

You Know You Just Got A Side Tattoo When...


You know you just had your side done when...
  • you attend a birthday party and all the drunk people are lifting up your shirt at the bar.
  • it takes you three outfit changes to get ready for said party because you are trying to not get blood, aquaphor or any other gunk on your clothes.
  • you also can't wear a bra. that makes things interesting.
  • you layer shirts underneath a flowy shirt and throw a jacket over for work on Monday (no bra remember?)
  • you sleep on the couch because it's the only place you can get comfortable.
  • you dread taking a shower, but once you're in you wish you would've done it sooner. It hurts so good!
  • your boyfriend doesn't want to come close to you for fear of hitting your tattoo.
  • he ends up hitting it anyway.
  • you walk around like you've just been hit by a car.
  • it hurts to breathe, stand, sit, bend over, and exist.
  • you hold your pee because it becomes such a task.
  • you tell yourself you are never getting another tattoo again.
  • you lied.
I had the second sitting of my side tattoo on Friday. No pictures yet! I have to go back one more time. My right side is tattooed from above my bra area to right above where my jeans sit on my hips. The top part of the tattoo was done a couple years ago. The most recent part is the biggest part and the most painful. The color is what I had done on Friday. Not too bad, but it's a fairly large area and you never realize how much you use certain body parts until it hurts. The pain is temporary, but the art lasts forever! (cheesy, I know)

Do you have tattoos? Do you feel my pain? Let's talk!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tall Girl Problems

Standing at a little over 5'9", I've dealt with tall girl problems my whole life. I've compiled these for your enjoyment.
  • Everybody asks you to get things off the top shelf. "Come here! You're tall!"
  • Strangers stop you and ask "wow! how tall are you?"
  • People tell you that you should model.
  • Your shoes look like boats. Size 9? Really?
  • Shoe selection. Anybody else walk embarrassed over to the last. row. of. shoes?
  • Going shoe shopping with your friend who wears size 5.
  • Pants. Don't. Fit. Waist, thighs, butt, legs. You can't have it all!
  • Wearing pants that were 2 sizes too big growing up. Saggy butts unite.
  • Being taller than all the boys while growing up.
  • Being taller than most of the boys now that you are grown up.
  • 97% of the people that hug you are using yours boobs as temporary pillows.
  • No heels for you.
  • Wearing heels and all the "WOW! How tall are you now??" comments start coming.
  • Dancing. Drop it low. Who thought of that? I can't go any lower!
  • Dropping something and having your shorter friend pick it up. "You're closer!"
  • No clothes and shoe sharing for you. None for you, Glen Coco.
  • Shirts as dresses. One trend that just doesn't work.
  • Certain crop tops. Those things barely cover my boobs.
  • Dresses in general. Had to invest in spandex shorts at an early age.
  • Tights/nylons with feet. Please no. The Medium/Tall size should just be ankle length. Saggy crotches. Yuck.
  • Sitting in the backseat. "Do you have enough leg room?" Do I ever?
Do you feel my pain? Do you have any tall girl problems to add to the list? Please share!

Let's be friends.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Schooled - Book Review

I just finished reading Schooled by Anisha Lakhani.

Honestly, I picked it up from the Barnes and Noble clearance area because it was $2. I was desperate for some new reads and I judged a book by it's cute cover and catchy summary. Oops ;)

Schooled is about Anna Taggert, a fresh graduate from Columbia, who just landed her dream teaching job at an elite private school in Manhattan. She soon realizes this school is unconventional in many ways and all of the students have "tutors". The tutors are actually private school teachers from all over the area. At first, Anna is against the whole tutoring thing. Students should do their own work, right? Wrong. When the students have rich parents, anything goes. Eventually her teaching salary and run down apartment get the best of her and she goes over to the dark side. The road to the dark side was paved with Chanel bags and Jimmy Choo shoes. The question is...was it worth it?

This is basically Gossip Girl from a teacher's perspective. I loved it, definitely entertaining. Totally worth it - clearance priced or not.

What are you reading?

Let's be friends!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Five on Friday - Valentine Treats

This week my little cupcake business had 18 orders. EIGHTEEN! That's a record for me. I had my own orders and we have a bake sale today at work to raise money for coworkers going through hard times - family deaths, illnesses, etc. So 18 and then some.

I survived. A flat of cream cheese, 10 hours of sleep in 3 days, and no mental breakdowns. Okay, maybe one mental breakdown.

My week has been a blur of cupcakes, cake pops, chocolate dipped strawberries, and all things Valentines.

sprinkles make everything better.
 cutest cupcake purses
 one of my customer's sons wanted "flat frosting"
oh you know. bags and a a bigger bag for delivering
Please excuse me while I sleep at my desk all day.
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Budget Update - $2500

For those of you who have been following along, you know I put myself on a budget. For those of you who just started following, read this post here.

I printed out a Savings Tracker sheet (found in the link above) and it lets you color in your progress. I reached my first goal which was $2,500. I started on January 14th and I got to color in the first section today, February 12th! Woo hoo!

What I have been doing?
  • no online shopping - unsubscribe from the store emails - read about that here.
  • limit eating out - my boyfriend and I would eat out multiple times a weekend - not anymore!
  • stick to my budget sheet - print out the sheet from the first link above - having to write everything you spend down really holds you accountable - I wouldn't buy things because I didn't want them to show up on my sheet! I'm not against guilting myself into saving money!
  • keeping my goal in mind while I'm out shopping - when I'm Target or the mall, I just keep my end goal in mind. Vacation and beach living are more important.
  • downsizing my stuff - the more I go through and get rid of stuff, the less I feel like I need.
  • stop using those credit cards - unless it's an absolute emergency of course - 7 for $26 undies at VS doesn't count!
  • saving my change - i'm saving all of my change - I haven't rolled any yet. I'm going to wait until it's vacation and/or moving time, but change adds up!!!
The more your bank account grows, the easier it becomes! I promise! Print out the budget sheets and join me!

Oh! I've stayed under my budget of $100 a week since I started!

What do you do to save money? Do you have any budget tricks? Let me know!

Let's be friends.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Things You Shouldn't Talk to Your Boyfriend About - Response

Disclaimer: if the words poop, tampon, or period creep you out...just leave this post now. (sorry Dad and Eric)

I recently read a couple articles talking about things you shouldn't talk to your boyfriend about. I couldn't disagree more, really.
  • "I'm on my period or I'm about to start my period."
  • "I'm so bloated."
  • "I have to to go poop."
  • "I got hit on today at work, school, whatever."
  • "I hope to get married some day."
  • "I need to go to the store for tampons."
  • "I feel fat today."

Bodily Function Talk : Seriously. How old are we? If your boyfriend can't handle hearing about your bodily functions, maybe he shouldn't be your boyfriend. I mean obviously you don't need to go into super detail, but I feel like saying you are on your period or have to use the restroom are all normal things that one should expect to encounter when dating somebody. Boys know girls poop. If you sneak away for 10 minutes, do they think you're peeing? No.

Future Talk : As far as talk of the future, I think these things should be discussed even if it's only lightly. What is the point of dating somebody if you don't want the same things in the future? Do you want to find out 4 years down the road he never wants kids or never wants to get married? Doomed. Doomed I tell you.

Tampon Talk : Stupid. If I need to go to Target for tampons, am I supposed to tell my boyfriend to stay home? Sorry babe, you can't come with me. Yeah, that doesn't scream I'm guilty or anything.

Hit On Talk : It's all about security, people. Sometimes these stories can be funny. I've had a few encounters that were share worthy. I tell my boyfriend and he tells me. Is it really something to hide? If his ego can't take it...sorry not sorry.

Fat Talk : I am so guilty of this. Sometimes you just feel fat. Even if you aren't. I think it's okay to say it. Maybe you ate a huge meal. Maybe your food baby is feeling extra plump. Maybe you are going to start your period. Oops. I said the word. It doesn't mean you are insecure with yourself. It just means you are having a fat day. Throw on those leggings, girl.

My point? He's your boyfriend. You should be able to talk about anything. You could potentially be with this person forever. Are you supposed to never talk about how you are really feeling ever again??? You might as well not say another word to each other for the rest. of. forever... (draaaaaamatic)

What are your thoughts on this?

BTW : I'm guilty of all of these things. Oops. Sorry, boyfriend <3

Let's be friends!

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Rants of a Receptionist Part 1

During the day, I am a receptionist. I work for an electrical contracting company that has about 150 people internally and even more people out in the "field." Let's say 350 people total?

When you call a business - of any kind - please for the sake of the receptionist's sanity...
  1. say HELLO. Don't just rattle of a name.
  2. know the last name of the person you are trying to reach. Oh, Michael? We have 21 of those.
  3. no, I cannot track down the right Michael for you. Ain't nobody got time for that.
  4. no, we do not have a paging system. We are not a grocery store.
  5. if you are seeking employment, do not start with "hey yo, you hiring in dere?" No sir, we are not.
  6. do not call back saying Michael didn't answer. Did you leave a message?
  7. oh you didn't leave a message? No, I cannot go look for him.
  8. do not ask for the personal cell phones & emails of the owner and/or managers. you're kidding me, right?
  9. oh you're old friends? shouldn't you have his number then? do not make up some story of how you know the person you are trying to reach. we know when you are lying.
  10. do not tell me to pep up. I was plenty peppy until you called 12 times looking for Michael.
  11. DO NOT say "oh you're just the receptionist?" I am a lot more than a receptionist. Don't even start.
I feel a lot better now.

Have you ever been a receptionist? Share your stories below! I know you have some!

Let's be friends. Receptionists unite?

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Five on Friday - Accessories

My very first Five on Friday. Woot! I am going to do mine a little different. Some weeks will be five thoughts or five favorites...five cupcakes or five pictures..etc etc. I want to mix it up every week. I can cover a lot more topics this way and it will be more fun for all of us!

I loved my accessories this week! I usually wear an armful of Pura Vida bracelets everyday. I never take those off, so they don't count.

Monday - red heart tights from Forever 21 a couple years ago
Tuesday - LC two finger ring from Kohls last year
Wednesday - Amy Cornwell heart earrings - Amy Cornwell
Thursday - scarf from She Does Justice
Friday - Galaxy Glitter Ring? from Plato's Closet. I have no idea what brand it is.
Well, there you have it! The picture of the Amy Cornwell earrings is from her website. Ear pictures always look so weird to me when I try and take them myself.
Do you do Five on Friday posts? Leave your links below!
Let's be friends.
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What's in a Name? (A Link-Up)

This is my very first link up!!! I hope I end up doing this right.

I stumbled upon Mackenzie's blog today and this link up was the first thing I saw.

So what's in my name? My blog name that is.

  • I love the ocean. Ocean minded girl right here.
  • I love mermaids. I would be one if I could.
  • I make things - cupcakes, crafts, anything really.
  • I try and cherish everything moment - the good and the bad.
mermaids + making things + cherishing moments = Mermade Moments.

Oh! And my name is Miranda. Talk about perfection!

What's in your name?

Bell Bliss

Let's be friends!

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February 2014 Goals

I've decided to hop on the monthly goal band wagon. I'm a list person. I like to have everything written out in front of me, so this has got me all excited. Hello accountability! I will post my goals at the beginning of each month and let you know how I did on the previous month's goals. I missed January, but I am so ready for February!

  • complete the 30 Day Beach Body Challenge
  • run at least 1 mile every weekend
  • no soda - see ya, Dr. Pepper
  • have $3000 dollars saved up by March 1st
  • no nail biting
  • sell my first batch of clothes to Platos or Hut No 8 (closet downsizing for my move)
  • try one new craft and post about it
  • make one new cupcake and post about it

What are some of your goals for the month? Send me your links if you do monthly goals too!

Let's be friends.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

30 Day Beach Body Challenge!

I have 124 days until I embark on my Caribbean vacation. I'm going with my boyfriend, my best friend Beth, and her boyfriend Evan. First of all, eeeeek! I've been working out sort of regularly for the last couple weeks and I've been eating a loooot better. Very minimal eating out at restaurants and water, water, water! I want to look good in that swim suit!

I like doing these challenges because they are quick, easy, and each day is already laid out for me.

This challenge works out all parts of our body, which is cool! All of the ones I see are just for abs or legs or something.

Care to join? It's only 30 days and the time will pass anyway. :)

What do you do to get yourself beach ready?

Let's be friends!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

10 Reasons Why I Think Taylor Swift is Brilliant

I love me some Taylor. I guess you could say I'm a Swiftie. Did I just create a fan club for her? For the record, I am not a Belieber. Just no. I will say that her songs are not revolutionary in anyway, but they are good for some things...
  • your 'i hate my ex boyfriend' moods
  • you've just found out you've been cheated on
  • you're in a cray cray relationship with John Mayer
  • you left Taylor Lautner hanging and didn't take the roses he offered you
  • you knew he was trouble, trouble, trouble
  • or you are in fact...22
Here are the reasons why I think she is brilliant:

1. She's a millionare. Take that, heartbreakers!
2. She's dated some of the hottest men in show business.
3. She's used heartbreak to her advantage. No love handles or therapy sessions for her!
4. Jake Gyllenhaal. John Mayer. Tyler Lautner. #2 just wasn't enough.
5. Men still want to date her.
6. That hair. Those sparkly outfits. Girl please.
7. She made modesty work for her.
8. She had a treehouse in her living room at one point.
9. No jail time. No rehab. No DUIs. No peeing in airport plants. Sorry Biebs. You made it too easy.
10. You have never seen her undies when she is exiting a car. And that girl has some serious leg.

I would totally be her friend.

Here's this little gem for your enjoyment. *i found this on pinterest, the image is not my own*

Let's be friends.
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