Mermade Moments: Weekly Spending Sheet & Savings Tracker

Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekly Spending Sheet & Savings Tracker

I'm officially a big kid. I have created a budget. Gasp! With my move happening in about 6 months, I want and need to start saving. With all the possible expenses, security deposits, and rent - I want a safety net. I'm hoping for $10,000 by the time I move - mid June.

I googled and googled trying to find the best budget sheet for me. The simpler, the better. Although I like pretty colors and patterns, the ones I was finding were way too much. I want to concentrate on the numbers, not the six different chevron patterns decorating the page.

I found these sheets here. The sheets are from Mead's line "Organizher". I've seen these products at Target. Super cute. The website offers free printables and I am all over that. Totes budget friendly! ;)

The link above is for the general website. Click here for the free printables page.

There is also a page for tracking your ultimate goal. Perfect!

Here's what the Spending Sheet looks like if you were to by it from a store.

Love the colors and the inside is still simple! The sheets in this match the free ones exactly. I think I'll splurge on this right before my move. It'll be the ultimate big girl bill tracker. :)

Update on Week 1 : I have unsubscribed to most of the emails I get from various shopping outlets. I wake up with 30+ emails each morning. The temptation is always there!!!!!! Seeing sale prices flash at me all day long had to be put to a stop. I unsubscribed from all of the major retail shops. I still have 3 pop up shop emails coming through. Those are my favorite. Craft supplies = a must have for a blogger/entrepreneur.

I also stayed under my budget for week 1! Woot woot!

*this is not a sponsored post. all opinions are 100% my own.*

What is your weekly budget? Do you have any tips to sticking to it? Comment below! :)


  1. Budgeting is SO important. It really makes a huge difference and it helps to start young! Good job and good luck saving that $10,000!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  2. Good luck with the budget! I try to keep one but usually forget to write down when I spend little amounts, which doesn't help.

    In other news...I've nominated you for a Liebster! You can find the post here:

  3. I'm stopping by from HBCN. I'm your newest follower on google friend connect :) I'm definitely impressed with your budgeting skills. I need to work on that for sure!

    Ashley @


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