Mermade Moments: 22 Lessons For My Little Sister

Friday, January 3, 2014

22 Lessons For My Little Sister

Here you go, sister bear. This one is for you.
  1. you are enough
  2. if you have to question it, he isn't worth it
  3. mom really does know everything - even when she doesn't show it
  4. hoes girls before bros
  5. it's okay to say no - about anything
  6. brown and black don't match - just don't do it
  7. words hurt just as much as sticks and stones - be kind
  8. see the good in everyone - even if it back fires
  9. don't be in a hurry to grow up - it sucks
  10. your big sister is crazier than she seems - use her when you need to
  11. cry if you have to - just don't let them see it
  12. study! or repeat after me..."do you want fries with that?"
  13. learn to love yourself
  14. everything in life is a lesson - good or bad
  15. don't be afraid to go up a size in pants - nobody can see the number, but they can see your muffin top (you don't have one, by the way)
  16. time really does heal things - especially heart aches
  17. once a cheater, always a cheater
  18. give the good guy a chance
  19. friendships should come easy - let go of the bad ones
  20. once you are old enough for a job, save your money - mom won't always buy those Hollister jeans for you
  21. don't take things so personally - the earlier you learn this, the better
  22. you are beautiful. you are smart. remember that. you go Glen Coco

* there is nothing wrong with fast food jobs
** your waistline does not define your beauty

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