Mermade Moments: Tall Girl Problems

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tall Girl Problems

Standing at a little over 5'9", I've dealt with tall girl problems my whole life. I've compiled these for your enjoyment.
  • Everybody asks you to get things off the top shelf. "Come here! You're tall!"
  • Strangers stop you and ask "wow! how tall are you?"
  • People tell you that you should model.
  • Your shoes look like boats. Size 9? Really?
  • Shoe selection. Anybody else walk embarrassed over to the last. row. of. shoes?
  • Going shoe shopping with your friend who wears size 5.
  • Pants. Don't. Fit. Waist, thighs, butt, legs. You can't have it all!
  • Wearing pants that were 2 sizes too big growing up. Saggy butts unite.
  • Being taller than all the boys while growing up.
  • Being taller than most of the boys now that you are grown up.
  • 97% of the people that hug you are using yours boobs as temporary pillows.
  • No heels for you.
  • Wearing heels and all the "WOW! How tall are you now??" comments start coming.
  • Dancing. Drop it low. Who thought of that? I can't go any lower!
  • Dropping something and having your shorter friend pick it up. "You're closer!"
  • No clothes and shoe sharing for you. None for you, Glen Coco.
  • Shirts as dresses. One trend that just doesn't work.
  • Certain crop tops. Those things barely cover my boobs.
  • Dresses in general. Had to invest in spandex shorts at an early age.
  • Tights/nylons with feet. Please no. The Medium/Tall size should just be ankle length. Saggy crotches. Yuck.
  • Sitting in the backseat. "Do you have enough leg room?" Do I ever?
Do you feel my pain? Do you have any tall girl problems to add to the list? Please share!

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  1. Tall girl problems! Amen to all of this. I'm almost exactly the same height as you and it sucks! I drool over heels but feel so uncomfortable wearing them!

  2. I love this! I am 5'10" I understand completely! TALL GIRLS UNITE!

  3.! I'm 5'8 and wear a size 9.5 I have a friend who literally makes fun of my feet by sticking her little size 6.5 foot inside my shoes and says, "Looks like I'm wearing clown shoes!" .... so mean lol but really, I've experiences almost ALL of these issues!

  4. I, at 5'2, am always grateful when someone is around to get stuff off the high shelves ;)

  5. 6' tall. The husband is 5'6". My best friend is maybe 5'1" & gets mistaken for my daughter all the time.

  6. OMG being 5'9 myself..I can SO relate to every single one of these! The cutest dresses are always so short on me!! #tallgirlproblems.

  7. I'm only 5'6 so I can't relate to all of them. But I'm curvy, so I totally get the clothes ones.

  8. I am 6'3. This list is straight out of my life.


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