Mermade Moments: 10 Reasons Why I Think Taylor Swift is Brilliant

Monday, February 3, 2014

10 Reasons Why I Think Taylor Swift is Brilliant

I love me some Taylor. I guess you could say I'm a Swiftie. Did I just create a fan club for her? For the record, I am not a Belieber. Just no. I will say that her songs are not revolutionary in anyway, but they are good for some things...
  • your 'i hate my ex boyfriend' moods
  • you've just found out you've been cheated on
  • you're in a cray cray relationship with John Mayer
  • you left Taylor Lautner hanging and didn't take the roses he offered you
  • you knew he was trouble, trouble, trouble
  • or you are in fact...22
Here are the reasons why I think she is brilliant:

1. She's a millionare. Take that, heartbreakers!
2. She's dated some of the hottest men in show business.
3. She's used heartbreak to her advantage. No love handles or therapy sessions for her!
4. Jake Gyllenhaal. John Mayer. Tyler Lautner. #2 just wasn't enough.
5. Men still want to date her.
6. That hair. Those sparkly outfits. Girl please.
7. She made modesty work for her.
8. She had a treehouse in her living room at one point.
9. No jail time. No rehab. No DUIs. No peeing in airport plants. Sorry Biebs. You made it too easy.
10. You have never seen her undies when she is exiting a car. And that girl has some serious leg.

I would totally be her friend.

Here's this little gem for your enjoyment. *i found this on pinterest, the image is not my own*

Let's be friends.
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  1. Love this post! I totally feel the same way about Taylor Swift. I mean, how could anyone not like her?!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  2. I love T-Swift even though everyone always calls her a good girl slut! Her fashion is awesome and ugh her hair!!! I really would love to see her in concert!

    xo Caro @

  3. lol very cute! i listen to her when i'm cruising or having relationship problems pretty much exclusively haha.

  4. Love it! I've always been a huge fan of Taylor Swift, since she was 16 and I was 13 and first discovering how awful boys can be sometimes. ;)

  5. I love some T.Swift. She even inspired by blog name.."perfect night for breakfast at midnight" therefore I blog under Frosting at Midnight. I love some private-in-the-car/shower/everyone jam sessions. And I hate to admit it, but she is gorgeous! Great post!

  6. I was really big on Taylor Swift when she first came out, but I kinda lost touch with her since then. But her music does make me sing along all the time.

  7. There are too many Taylor Swifter haters in the world, so I love when I come across someone who loves her. :) I think she's adorable, her music is catchy (maybe not groundbreaking, but perfect for singing along!), her hair is amazing, and her outfits are cute. But mostly, I think she's incredibly smart and business minded. The girl knows what she's doing. I watched a special on her once (because those things are another guilty pleasure) and I was seriously impressed by her drive and how much concerted effort she's really put into where she is now.

    Okay, I think that's probably enough for now, haha. ;)


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