Mermade Moments: Things You Shouldn't Talk to Your Boyfriend About - Response

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Things You Shouldn't Talk to Your Boyfriend About - Response

Disclaimer: if the words poop, tampon, or period creep you out...just leave this post now. (sorry Dad and Eric)

I recently read a couple articles talking about things you shouldn't talk to your boyfriend about. I couldn't disagree more, really.
  • "I'm on my period or I'm about to start my period."
  • "I'm so bloated."
  • "I have to to go poop."
  • "I got hit on today at work, school, whatever."
  • "I hope to get married some day."
  • "I need to go to the store for tampons."
  • "I feel fat today."

Bodily Function Talk : Seriously. How old are we? If your boyfriend can't handle hearing about your bodily functions, maybe he shouldn't be your boyfriend. I mean obviously you don't need to go into super detail, but I feel like saying you are on your period or have to use the restroom are all normal things that one should expect to encounter when dating somebody. Boys know girls poop. If you sneak away for 10 minutes, do they think you're peeing? No.

Future Talk : As far as talk of the future, I think these things should be discussed even if it's only lightly. What is the point of dating somebody if you don't want the same things in the future? Do you want to find out 4 years down the road he never wants kids or never wants to get married? Doomed. Doomed I tell you.

Tampon Talk : Stupid. If I need to go to Target for tampons, am I supposed to tell my boyfriend to stay home? Sorry babe, you can't come with me. Yeah, that doesn't scream I'm guilty or anything.

Hit On Talk : It's all about security, people. Sometimes these stories can be funny. I've had a few encounters that were share worthy. I tell my boyfriend and he tells me. Is it really something to hide? If his ego can't take it...sorry not sorry.

Fat Talk : I am so guilty of this. Sometimes you just feel fat. Even if you aren't. I think it's okay to say it. Maybe you ate a huge meal. Maybe your food baby is feeling extra plump. Maybe you are going to start your period. Oops. I said the word. It doesn't mean you are insecure with yourself. It just means you are having a fat day. Throw on those leggings, girl.

My point? He's your boyfriend. You should be able to talk about anything. You could potentially be with this person forever. Are you supposed to never talk about how you are really feeling ever again??? You might as well not say another word to each other for the rest. of. forever... (draaaaaamatic)

What are your thoughts on this?

BTW : I'm guilty of all of these things. Oops. Sorry, boyfriend <3

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  1. See, my boyfriend doesn't really like hearing about periods and stuff.. in detail. But he's the type of guy, as long as I give him a REALLY good description of what tampons to get, he'll go get them!

  2. All of the above, on like a daily basis. Lol

  3. Agree!! If you feel like you need to hide your thoughts because you're afraid of offending or grossing out your boyfriend, you two shouldn't be together! They should accept your personality even when involves random conversations or just sentences about your bodily functions.

  4. I can discuss all of these with the hubs except the restroom one. I can't even do that if he's in the house. We've been together four years and still can't. Haha.

  5. Ah! I saw this list and it annoyed me so much! I agree with everything you said. Honestly, it's up to a girl to judge how comfortable she his with her guy and how comfortable he is with hearing it. I mean, bleh!

  6. I agree. You should be able to talk about everything. Maybe not in the first few weeks of a relationship, but after you've settled in and made it official it's really not realistic to not talk about these thing at all. I live with my boyfriend, while I don't announce that I'm pooping, I do sorta have to announce my period so he knows the vajay is off limits for a while and I might have weird food cravings.

  7. Haha I can totally to relate to this post, but my fiancee is so used to it by now and it doesn't bother him. However, if I ask him to pick up some feminine products for me... FORGET about it. Haha. I never actually make him do this anyway, I just love seeing his reaction.

  8. I completely agree!! Especially with the period thing - even with a fwb, there's no other way to be like "don't put your hand down there. no. no. why? BECAUSE MY PERIOD" lol

    xo, TCG

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  10. I agree completely. I'm thinking these are more don't talk about on the first date type topics. But eventually the topics gonna come up in some way or fashion, and you're right you should be able to talk to him about anything.

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    Eat Drink & Be Mary

  11. That is the most absurd list I've ever read. I talk to my boyfriend about every single one of those things, how can you not? If you don't already talk to him about that, then just wait until you move in together. I'd rather be SUPER open than live uncomfortably quiet! Found you through the link up- great post topic!

  12. In regards to the tampon talk - my sweet hubby picks them up at the store for me. SO that's one topic that is completely open for us!


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