Mermade Moments: Dorm Room Essentials with Kleenex + Walmart

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dorm Room Essentials with Kleenex + Walmart

Sorry to break it to you guys, but school is RIGHT around the corner.

I've partnered with Walmart and Kleenex to bring you 10 dorm room essentials!

So, you have :
  • bath caddy
  • dry erase board + cork section
  • plastic storage drawers
  • mini fridge
  • mini K Cup
  • microwave
  • desk lamp
  • mini vacuum
  • under the bed storage bags 

 I know it's summer and you probably don't want to count, buuuut that was only 9 essentials. The 10th might come as a surprise...KLEENEX.

Look how cute these Kleenex Expression Oval Facial Tissue boxes are. In chevron print!!! You can only get them at your local Walmart Supercenter for a limited time, so stock up! I mean, who's going to bring you a tissues when you're sick and in bed?? Your dorm mate? Probably not. ;) 

This post is sponsored by Kleenex and Walmart, but my love for all their dorm room essentials is for real!

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  1. Those are cute little boxes! I always have one or two tissue boxes in case of emergencies!


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