Mermade Moments: If You Knew Me In High School - A Linkup

Thursday, September 4, 2014

If You Knew Me In High School - A Linkup

sophmore year

Ohhh high school. I don't think I've ever mentioned it on the blog before! I saw Morgan's linkup and I knew I wanted to do it.

I'm second from the top left
I graduated in 2009. I wasn't really anything specific during those four years.  I wasn't an athlete. I wasn't a band geek or a super nerd. (I did wear glasses and looked pretty nerdy though.) I wasn't a scene kid or anything like that. Freshman year was not all that memorable. Things became a little more fun sophmore year. And by junior and senior year, I had a solid group of friends and we did a lot of fun things together.

Night swims at the high school. Sonic tater tots and slushies. Football games and sleepovers. Projected movies and backyard walls. Always hanging out in parking lots when we didn't mean to. Ridiculous photo shoots. Parties when we got a little older. My (ex) boyfriend of 5 years and I started dating my junior year. My best friend Beth and I are still BFFs. Living together in Monterey. What what! I lucked out with awesome friends and still consider most of them my friends today! How sweet.

Formals and Proms were always so much fun. Our group always had a good time. I loved getting dressed up!

my first formal - Dec 2007
prom - May 2009

I think the best way to show how I grew up is through all the formal and prom pictures! I started out looking like a little baby. So funny!

Here are a few more gems for your enjoyment.

i'm in the background - so classic

Evan is Beth's boyfriend (still) <3

one of my favorite pictures - we were being each other

That concludes my tour through high school. I hope you had some fun looking at these pictures! If you did the link up, leave your blog link in the comments!

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  1. My friends & I spent way too much time in parking lots too. "What should we do now?!" But we couldn't think of anything... :] // ☼ ☯

  2. I love it! Thanks so much for linking up!
    We hung out in parking lots too.. haha I have no idea why!

  3. I love this post! It's so interesting to see how people have grown and evolved.

  4. Wow this was awesome 😊 Thanks for sharing it was good to see all your friends again 💜

  5. I love your short haircut. It looks super cute. I would look like a cupie doll-and not in a good way.


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