Mermade Moments: My One Year Blogiversary and A Giveaway!

Friday, September 26, 2014

My One Year Blogiversary and A Giveaway!

Hey guys! Guess what? I've been blogging for a whole year now! Well it was a few weeks ago, but still! I joined forces with Mary, Brita and Ashley to celebrate! Below you'll find a fabulous giveaway and a post from Mary about the Do's and Don'ts  of Instagram!

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I'm Mary, the girl behind, Eat Drink & Be Mary.  I'm a girl in her twenties who recently graduated college, and am now learning to love long distance.  You can often find me raving about a recipe I recently tried, essentials every girl needs in her closet, or sharing cheap + festive Fall date night ideas.  And when I'm not blogging you can find me playing with glitter.  Because it's glitter, duh.

But enough about me.  More about what I'm here to share with y'all today.  Instagram Dos and Donts.

Social Media.  Everyone has it these days.  And every blogger should.  Social Media can definitely boost your blogs success.  Plus, "I have to for my blog" is the perfect excuse to put off something productive to scroll through your Instafeed.  #winning

But as a blogger there are "rules" for managing these accounts to benefit you and your blog.  The do's and don'ts.  So without further adieu...

DO have your blog URL in your profile for easy access.  Instagram still doesn't allow clickable links through your posts, but add a "link in profile" to get followers to access your blog easily.

DONT leave comments only asking people to follow you.  Just don't.  Not cool.

DO use creativity.  Take pictures using different angles, from a different point of view, etc.

DONT comment with #tagsforlikes or #commentforcomment.  That's spammy.  No thank you.

DO use filters and edit your picture.  But don't over do it.  These should enhance your picture not completely change it.

DONT  go to someone's account and like their past 20 pictures, only to not follow them.  Spammy.  If you like that many pictures, follow the account.  It only makes sense.

DO post pictures of babies.  Everyone loves babies.  Pictures of babies get more likes.  FACT.

DONT post more than twice a day.  More than this becomes excessive, and no one wants just one user filling up their entire feed.  Exceptions?  Weddings + Babies (see above.)

DO follow me.  What kinda blogger would I be without a shameless plug?  ;)  

DONT only post promotional pictures for your blog/brand.  Post personal pictures as well, readers love to know what happens behind the scenes.

So there you have it.  My ten dos and donts of Instagram, to improve your following.  What would you add to my list?  

Don't forget to stop by my blog and see "the best of the best" of Eat Drink & Be Mary {according to y'all} in celebration of my first Blogiversary.  Cheers loves.

Thanks for stopping by guys! Good luck with the giveaway and thank you for sticking around for the last year! I'll start posting more again, promise! <3 


  1. Awesome list, Mary! I'd add the "keep Selfies to a minimum, as in only when your hair is on fire or some other something on your head/face is killin' it."
    And CONGRATULATIONS ON 1 YEAR, Miranda! I didn't even realize that we share similar blogivesaries. Shame on me, and cheers to you.


    1. Very true Erica. Everyone in a while is okay, but everyday? I mean really, its the SAME face everyday. No thank you. Haha.

  2. Thanks so much for having me Miranda! I've enjoyed getting to know you through the bloggers offline program; too funny both of our "blogiversaries" were in the same month. Cheers!

  3. Happy Blogiversary! It's such a great feeling and accomplishment to hit on year <3

  4. Happy Blogiversary guys!! What a great giveaway and Insta tips!


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