Mermade Moments: The Wisdom Teeth Struggle

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Wisdom Teeth Struggle

All I wanted for Christmas was for my wisdom teeth to be taken out.

I got all 4 wisdom teeth out on Thursday of last week. 2 were impacted. PARTY! I had originally wrote this super negative, horrendously long post about how much I hated life. I decided to delete that and write this post instead :) My overall thoughts are: It was sort of fun for a second...LOOK AT ALL THE ICE CREAM I CAN EAT...LOOK HOW LONG I CAN NAP...but then you get a stomach ache and can't sleep at night. And then it's days later and you still can't really eat and then you become depressed. Who knew I would miss chewing?

Here are my tips for handling this SUPER AWESOME procedure:

-drink lots of water the night before, so they can find your veins for the IV.
-make sure someone is videotaping you.
-ice your face for the full first day...I didn't swell at all!
-hide your cell phone, so you don't send HIDEOUS selfies to your friends. (see bottom of post)
-learn to love soup and learn to love it quick.
-don't gorge yourself with ice cream because you probably won't feel good.
-eat lots of yogurt while taking your penicillin, ladies.
-have a super awesome sibling that stays with you all weekend long to keep you company.
-pick a show. any show. and binge.
-close your eyes during food commercials. don't torture yourself.
-have a god send of a mother who makes you endless amounts of soup/jello/pudding/potatoes.
-DO NOT USE A STRAW...they tell you this though.
-when you think you're ready to start laughing and chewing, just don't. you'll regret it.

my mom made delicious mashed potatoes.

All that being said, it really isn't as terrible as I thought. Just be very careful. And embrace the inevitable weight loss. Silver lining, people!

and lastly, that selfie I mentioned. 
Sorry if that picture scared you, but I felt like everyone should see me and all of my drugged up glory. I didn't even remember sending that picture to my friends! Also, I don't have that many chins in real life.

Do you have any wisdom teeth stories? I've heard some funny ones and some crazy ones. I want to hear yours!


  1. I am sorry you are having such a time. I am lucky and my wisdom teeth never came in. If they had I would had to have all 4 cut out as my mouth is small.

  2. I had my lower ones out this year. However, I am terrified of anesthesia so I was awake for the whole thing, with only Novocaine! Which was scary, but really not bad at all. The surgeon was awesome, and it was over in about 3 minutes, and I just listened to my iPod the whole time. But yeah, the recovery sucked. Laughing was SO PAINFUL, I agree.

  3. Ouch, so sorry, hope you feel better, I haven't had this experience yet so I am unaware of what happens before and after, but great tips for future reference.

  4. All good advice as I nursed my daughter with these methods

  5. Hope you feel better soon looks like it hurts sorry.

  6. Aww Bless your heart! Looks like you are doing all the right things though,. I just went through this with my daughter and he left a piece of tooth in there and she had to have more surgery. It was a nightmares.

  7. I had my wisdom teeth out on my right side, so I feel your pain. Hugs and healing vibes my dear!

  8. Thanks for the tips! My son gets his wisdom teeth out in 1 week (yes, right before Christmas). All 4 teeth are impacted, bottom ones are sideways & he'll have a big incision! Will tell him to go easy on the ice cream 😜

  9. My wisdom teeth never needed to be pulled, neither did my husband's.

  10. Yeah I was told no straw too. I was feeling so good that I went out to dinner with my friends. I didn't eat as chewing did not sound fun. One of my friends said "you have to try this peach malt", and handed me his glass. I grabbed the glass, without thinking, and sucked the malt through the straw... oh nooooooo.... I could feel the clots come loose. Not only had I used a straw but sucked a thick malt through it. Ugggg. Added a good 4 weeks of pain to my life.

  11. Ouch is right. I had one tooth pulled and I was down for days! Better to get those wisdom teeth done when you are younger.

  12. Oh girl, I know the pain. YIKES!

  13. I was super lucky when I had mine removed when I was about 21. No problems with it really. I did have a roomate in college that was near death because she got an infection! I was her nurse and brought her liquid food because the poor thing couldn't even eat. You gave some great tips!

  14. Feel better quick! Love your blog posts

  15. This post reminds me that I have not had my wisdom tooth aching period yet. The scary journey is still lurking ahead.

  16. Awwww! I hope you are starting to feel better now. I had mine taken out in 8th grade. It was awful! My cheeks bruised and swelled so bad.


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