Mermade Moments: #YearOfHappy - January

Thursday, January 15, 2015

#YearOfHappy - January

I was so excited to read about the #YearOfHappy that Lizzie and Allison put together. It's a year long series (obviously, I guess) and each month there is a different activity.

This month we were supposed to write a love letter to ourselves. I actually haaaaate writing letters to myself. I just feel weird doing it. This will me more of collection of lists. I promise I won't be this negative sounding all the time. :)

Highlights of 2014: (in no specific order because I have a terrible memory)

- moved to Monterey with my boyfriend to live with our 2 best friends. (eek)
- took a Caribbean vacation with the little darlings mentioned above.
- sold my cupcakes in multiple REAL LIFE locations
- become a manager of a coffee shop (for a short amount of time)
- quit the above coffee shop and went back to a better job at the office I worked at before my move
- my baby niece Hanaly was born <3
- my aunt fully adopted two foster children into our family <3 <3
- celebrated one year with J!
- I actually let myself out of my comfort zone a few times this year ;) 

Goals for 2015: 
- be more intentional

- get my spark back
- be more active
- read more books
- take better care of myself/love myself
- save money
- work hard at my job and hopefully reap benefits from that
- get back into baking
- learn new things whenever possible
- travel as much as I can
- fear less

There's nothing like the start of a new year to make you feel refreshed and motivated. Am I right?

I made this using the Rhonna Designs app.

Ever since I moved away from my family, I've felt weird. Like something was missing. I wasn't myself. I still can't really explain it. I'm happy and I'm sad. This growing up stuff is hard. Feeling like I'm missing out on so many things back home is hard. I want to get myself back. I want my spark back. I want my energy back. I want my positive attitude back. I feel so drained all the time. Nothing really sounds fun anymore. Everything is suuuuuch a hassle. Getting dressed, driving somewhere, hanging out with people. Even baking (which I used to do almost every day) is too much work. Like what? I don't even understand that. I have literally become no fun. 

So, ramble over. I'm so ready to take my life back. 2015, you don't stand a chance.

A huge thank you to Lizzie and Allison. This link-up may be exactly what I need :) 


  1. Missing family is horrible, but you look so happy in the bottom picture! Congrats on the cupcake biz!!

  2. Wish you another happy year, the happier the better!


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