Mermade Moments: Friday Favorites 12.18.15 on Tuesday!?

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Friday Favorites 12.18.15 on Tuesday!?

Soooo, it's Tuesday. For some reason, I didn't schedule this post like I thought. Here's a little last Friday action for this lovely Tuesday.


Michael Kors Watch + Bangle Set. I won this at our office Christmas party! I never win anything! It's gorgeous and I'm thrilled.


Mahogany Teakwood BBW Candle. Honestly, this candle smells like a hawt, wintery man and I have it burning every day that I'm home. I picked up some more when Bath and Body had their EIGHT DOLLAR 3 wick candle sale. All of the heart eyes. 


Christmas @ Target. In my opinion, this is Target's cutest year by far. The Halloween decorations were on point and now the Christmas decorations are so stinking cute. Since this is our first Christmas in our apartment together, I tried to use some serious self control and not buy every single thing I saw. I figured people usually collect their holiday decor over the years, right?

I got the burlap tree shown above for $3 and a pack of ornaments for $5. So cute and they go so perfectly together! The cupcake stand holding the candle (shown above) was also $3 from Target.

What have you been loving lately? Where do you get your Christmas decorations? I would love to know!

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