Mermade Moments: Our First Christmas Tree!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Our First Christmas Tree!

J and I got our first Christmas tree together last week! We've been dating for almost three years, but this is our first time living with only each other. Luckily, we had similar opinions on the style we wanted. Simple, nothing too crazy. We compromised on the tree. I really wanted a giant Charlie Brown tree. I picked the style and he picked the actual tree.

The end result? MY DREAM TREE. We got our ornaments, tree topper, tree stand, tree skirt, and lights all from Target. Cartwheel had coupons for everything and I couldn't pass up those deals! We wrapped the lights around the middle and I really liked the way it turned out.

If I tried to describe our tree, I would say it's rustic chic, winterwonderlandy, simple, classy, and all of the other pretty adjectives. 

I included some close ups directly from the Target shelves below! 



I love love love our choices. I was also looking at the set below, but we decided it was too many ornaments for the kind of tree we were looking for. 


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