Mermade Moments: January 2017

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Normal Girl's Guide to Saving Money


If you read my last post, you know that we are trying to buy a house this year. Eek! After searching under couch cushions and checking all my old purses for spare pennies, I decided it was time to get serious.  I've budgeted before and was able to save $10,000 in very little time. Yo girl is back at it again. Here are the things that work for me - a normal girl who drinks too much coffee and spends all her money at Target.
  • open up a separate savings account - (if this makes sense for you) We are doing this to keep our house money separate from our individual savings accounts.
  • cut the Starbs - Make this a once a week treat and set aside the money you would be spending!
  • don't open the emails - Giiiiirl, I know that 60% off is tempting, but don't do it. Just delete it!
  • avoid Target at all costs - You can't black out and spend $200 if you don't enter those doors!
  • cook at home - This is our biggest struggle. We commute a total of 5 hours a day to work and the last thing we want to do is cook. Our wallets + waistlines will thank us though.
  • use cash - Go to the bank and withdraw a set amount of cash. I can swipe that card all day, but watching money physically disappear in front of me stops me in my tracks. 
  •  start a change jar - I have a jar that counts the change as I drop it in. Once you hit $100, roll it and take it to the bank!  
  •  recycle - We drink a lot of water, Vitamin Water, and Coke Zero in our house. I save all the bottles and take them to a recycling center for some extra cash. 
  • hoard gift cards - I don't know about you guys, but I hoard my gift cards like it's the last gift card I will ever receive. This works to my advantage because when I HAVE TO HAVE something, I can use a gift card instead of swiping my card or taking it out of my cash stash. 

What are some of your money saving tips? I would love to hear them!

Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Goals


I really need to get back on the goal bandwagon. I decided I want to set goals for the year as a whole and then do smaller goals every month... or so ;)


I've decided my word for the year will be INTENTIONAL. I want to be intentional in everything I do. I want to simplify. I want to figure out what really matters and be all there.

  • de-clutter and simplify my spaces - mental and physical
  • exercise regularly
  • cook at home more
  • learn to cook and bake new dishes
  • squeeze in travel whenever we can
  • save money $$$$
  • buy a house toward the end of the year
  • get engaged ;) ;) 
  • go on adventures with Jarad (he's into tactical training, outdoors, and his bow right now)
  • read more books
I feel like 2016 was kind of a bust for me and I really want to make 2017 count. Here's to taking chances and making it happen in 2017!