Mermade Moments: A New Kind of Chaser...

Monday, September 23, 2013

A New Kind of Chaser...

This weekend was a fun one!

Who? Stephanie, Megan, Beth and myself
What? Girls Weekend!
Where? Marina & Downtown Monterey
When? Saturday

Grocery Shopping, 2pm...
Champagne, vodka, cookie dough, frozen pizza, vitamin water, coconut water, and 0 calorie / 0 sugar red bulls. Clear liquids have less calories...(Justification #1)

Fast forward to 5pm on Saturday...
Out of champagne... What do we do? Embark on a trek to the beach. Dunes and everything. We have to burn off all those mimosas and cookie dough. Right? (Justification #2)

Getting ready to go downtown, 7pm...
There's a song... and it goes something like, "Shots Shots Shots Shots, everyyyboddddyy!"
So that's what we did! Our two chasers of choice? Fruit and vegetable juice (Justification #3) and bananas? (Justification #4) Good job, Beth!

Downtown Monterey, 10pm - 1am
We stuck to our clear alcohol rule. Mixed drinks = vodka and sugar free red bull (Justification #5) and vodka cranberries. (Justification #6) No sugar and bladder well-being...we're on it!

The Next Morning, 9am
For your enjoyment!

Back Home, 6pm
No more justifications for me...stop light peppers. Yum!

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