Mermade Moments: Weight Loss Update

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weight Loss Update

Sunday marked the end of Week 4 for me. I woke up after a night of indulging in sweets and yummy beverages and weighed myself. I closed my eyes when I stepped on the scale, worried that the number had increased significantly. What else would I be expecting after eating cookie dough and pizza for dinner? Much to my surprise, I was 8 pounds lighter than when I started!!! Cookie dough and pizza aside... 8 pounds! I almost had a heart attack. I'm finally seeing results! I can definitely see a difference in the way my food baby looks. I can see and feel the difference in the way my pants fit. My cravings have changed. I crave water, fruit, and veggies more than anything. Now I need to concentrate on exercise and this ball will really get rolling!

Weight Loss Overview:

Week 1 = -1 lb
Week 2 = -1.5 lbs
Week 3 = no weigh in (I don't own a scale)
Week 4 = -5.5 lbs!

My initial goal was to lose 15 pounds...I'm half way there!

Although I am not feeling ballsy (couldn't think of a better word) enough to post actual numbers and my start pictures yet, I will show you a picture of me trying on slacks that I couldn't fit into 4 weeks ago.

One word....eeeeeeek! :)

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