Mermade Moments: Love in a Box Blogger Swap - March

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Love in a Box Blogger Swap - March

This month I was paired with Maddie from Caramel and Salt. She's a baker/blogger like myself and I knew we would get along instantly. She's the sweetest! (no pun intended)

She really paid attention to the things that I like and it showed!

She got me:

This Paddywax candle. I've actually always wanted one! She chose this scent for me since I love the beach.

COFFEE. Need I say more?

And! These cute little cupcake toppers!

Does she get me or what?

You should definitely join in on the fun for next month! Here's how!


  1. I thought that candle said Ear Wax. What? lol
    Either way, I swear you hit the blogger swap jackpot!

  2. Those cake toppers are cute, and you're right coffe doesn't need an explanation. This looks like tons of fun.

  3. That's such a great idea! How fun, what a sweet way to show blogger friends you love them. xo

  4. What a nice box for you! You both made good partners!

  5. I wish I were a coffee drinker. Anyways, your swap box sounds like it was perfect for you!



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