Mermade Moments: Thoughts I Have While Watching Pretty Little Liars

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thoughts I Have While Watching Pretty Little Liars


I hope I'm not the only PLL lover out here in the blogosphere. I'm addicted. Right when I start to lose interest, something cray happens and I get sucked back in. Well played, ABC Family, well played. The show causes a roller coaster of emotions for me... happy, sad, mad, confused. I think I'm getting whip lash actually... So here are my thoughts while I watch PLL - in no specific order.

  • WHO IS A?
  • Why did everybody like Ali so much? She's mean!
  • Mr. Fitz is so cute... He's A??? Heart broken... Oh he's not. Let the crush commence.
  • Caleb come back from Ravenswood. It's not safe there!
  • Hanna! Stop kissing everything with a pulse! Caleb loves you, not Miranda! I think.
  • Spencer was a druggie??? She did what with that shovel?
  • Mrs. D is A?? I just don't get it!
  • Who wears heels to school? Oh they all do...I must be the odd one out.
  • Spencer's "baby sitter" is kind of cute...cuter than Toby maybe?
  • Speaking of Toby, why did he leave the country and when is he coming back?
  • Stupid Paige, why would you go to the cops? Emily, dump her!
  • I hate you, Mona.
  • Where did Aria's musician hottie come from and why can't he make another appearance?
  • Oh Aria's mom. I loved you as Piper on Charmed and I still love you now.
  • Hanna! Stop texting on your dates! Rude!
  • I wish my hometown had a coffee shop like The Brew.
  • I want to read Mr. Fitz's book.
  • Aria has the ugliest ugly cry. Waddup Kim Kardashian?
Do you watch the show? What are your thoughts and feelings on what has been happening? Are you ready for ALI TELLS ALL tonight? Eeeeek.

Let's be friends.


  1. My main question is how is their makeup literally always on spot? I tried doing mine all nice, and nope. Didn't work.

  2. I love that your a dog lover and an ocean girl! Let's follow each other?! xo danica

  3. I haven't watched it from the beginning, but I love watching it with my roommates (even though I have no clue what's going on!) And ohmygosh PIPER <3 can we talk Charmed sometime?

  4. I watched it for awhile and then I stopped... But I really don't remember why... So maybe I need to start it back up!

  5. I watched the first season and then got bored. I eventually will watch it after the craze is over but I am notoriously horrid at keeping up with shows.

  6. Omg literally have every single one of these thoughts and then some! I always think "this is getting lame" then they throw in an awesome cliffhanger and I'm sucked back in. It's the only show I plan my night around.

    I was not happy with the AliTellsAll episode, the answers only led to more questions! What did you think?

  7. Omg I have all of these questions and more. And they said that so many questions would be answered in the finale. Um, no. Not really. We already knew everything they they "revealed". Ugh. But I'm still addicted hehe

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush


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