Mermade Moments: April Goals

Monday, April 6, 2015

April Goals

I figured I should start this post with something inspirational ;)

Here's what March looked like for me!
  • make healthier food choices 
  • pack a lunch 4 times a week
  • make coffee at home instead of buying it
  • send 5 handwritten letters (one for every week) read about my snail mail challenge here.
  • exercise 3-4 times a week
  • complete the 30 day Blogilates slimmer thigh challenge
  • decide on a summer trip destination
  • no fast food - trying to wean myself off the fries ;)
  • save $700-$1000 this month
  • craft something special for my niece's second birthday!   
Not too shabby, I guess. Overall, I was more active and ate better - except for the couple trips I made to BK for chicken fries. I'm not even sorry. Still not where I want to be, but baby steps, I guess! I'm still going strong with my handwritten letters. If you would like to be pen pals or just need a little mailbox inspiration, please reach out to me! As for that summer trip, we decided we aren't taking one because if J gets into Berkeley, we will be moving to Livermore. Eek! I packed a lunch and drank coffee at home a couple of week, but didn't finish out the month. I did not post a single thing on etsy. Fail fail fail. I saved money, but only thanks to that tax refund! 

  • make healthier food choices
  • bake more often (maybe a tad counterproductive)
  • send 5 handwritten letters
  • exercise 4-5 times a week
  • complete the Blogilates Sleek Arms Challenge
  • start the Tone It Up Bikini Body Series
  • make sure Jarad has an awesome 29th birthday! 
  • attend the Good Old Days Festival in Pacific Grove
  • keep purging "stuff"
  • find out of Jarad gets into Berkeley and CELEBRATE. 
I might be adding more as I think of them. What are some of your goals for this month? If you want to be pen pals, email me! :)


  1. Great goals! I want to get back to working out regularly, continue doing better about not eating out much, and do a lot of decluttering.

  2. I LOVE your goal to send handwritten letters. I think you just inspired a new goal for me!


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