Mermade Moments: Bring Back Rainbow Chip!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bring Back Rainbow Chip!

Uhhhh hi. I'm not sure if you're aware, but Betty Crocker discontinued Rainbow Chip frosting last year. I'm not realizing this until now because stores were supposed to sell it until they had no more AND NOW THEY HAVE NO MORE.

The company said the discontinuing was due to "low sales". I beg to differ. EVERYBODY KNOWS THE BEST BIRTHDAY COMBO IS FUNFETTI CAKE WITH RAINBOW CHIP FROSTING. I mean, come on. You can't fool me.

They have since come out with vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles. Is that a joke? I can make that myself. Or buy Pillsbury's. WHICH I WILL BECAUSE I AM UPSET.


Even Katy Perry reached out to the company and they told her NO. WHO DOES THAT? If Katy can't bring it back, no one can.

People are selling their rainbow chip frosting on eBay for HUNDREDS of dollars. That's how much people love it, okay? This is just ridiculous. 

When I informed my best friend of this situation, her response was "YOU BETTER BLOG ABOUT THIS!" So here you go, Beth. I'm getting our important cause out to the public!

Listen, Betty. You cray. Bring it back or I'll send crazy mobs of Rainbow Chip lovers to your door.

Long live Rainbow Chip!


  1. Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept wondering where it was when I would go to buy it and just figured my local store stopped carrying it. This is beyond sad... It is a travesty. What about future generations? They will NEVER know the sweet bliss of a true "rainbow chip" frosting!

  2. hahaha--I'm not sure I've ever even had this frosting before, but I love the honest passion of this post!


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