Mermade Moments: Monterey Fish House // Monterey, CA

Monday, April 27, 2015

Monterey Fish House // Monterey, CA

This weekend was a fun one! My family came to visit us because 1) J's birthday is on Tuesday and 2) because J GOT INTO UC BERKELEY! The birthday celebration was the original plan, but who couldn't celebrate such an amazing accomplishment? He has worked so hard!

monterey fish house

My lovely mother made reservations for the Monterey Fish House over a week ahead of time and it was at 6:30. That place is poppin' all the time. I've never driven past without seeing a line. It was on the Food Network, so that isn't helping the line situation!

waiting so patiently

Honestly, it isn't my favorite place. It's just not worth the hype for me. I'll break it down real simply.

- the clam chowder was the best I've ever had (win!)
- the steak J ordered was SO tender (he loved it!)
- the oysters were huge (my family was happy. I won't touch them)
- they had orange Fanta and Mr Pibb (my two favorites)
- the prices weren't outrageous like I had assumed
- our server was very friendly and helpful

oyster appetizer
J's steak and spicy shrimp diabla
Not So Good:
- we waited 35 minutes with a reservation and had to wait outside in the freezing/windy cold
- the hostess was not friendly at all at first, but slowly warmed up throughout the dinner
- the menu was not impressive (I was really hoping for lobster)
- the bread was lame (cold with sesame seeds on top)
- the dessert waiter asked me for my number while I was sitting next to J (awkward)
- their cheesecake had no crust (what?)
- their creme brulee was liquid (what?)

my crab/ricotta stuffed ravioli

Overall, my family seemed to enjoy their food. Mine wasn't anything to write home about. The bites with more crab in them tasted delicious, but other bites tasted weird. I'm curious because there was a pretty large party there at the same time we were, so maybe things were thrown off? I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I'll go back for that clam chowder ;)

artichoke shrimp scampi - my step dad loved his!

Have you eaten here by chance? What was your experience like?

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