Mermade Moments: June Goals

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Goals

Remember that one time I wrote out a bunch of goals and completed them all? Yeaaaah, me neither. I actually have to be productive this month. I. Have. No. Choice.

We will be moving soon! Eek! J and I are leaving Monterey and heading to the East Bay Area. Instead of splitting rent four ways, we will be splitting a MUCH more expensive rent between just the two of us. Stressed doesn't even begin to cover it.

  • tour apartments/find one we like
  • sort through my rooms (plural. as in 3) rooms at my Dad's house.
  • sort through our room in Monterey
  • have a garage sale? maybe, depending on how much junk treasure I find
  • attend my company picnic
  • attend my step sister's high school graduation/party
  • celebrate/host my niece's sixth birthday! don't even get me started on all the feels I'm having
  • save allllllllll my money - as much as possible anyway 
  • make better food choices - prioritize, lady!
  • move dat a**. no excuses. I have a pair of goal shorts I want to feel comfortable in by fourth of July. 

Those first four goals might carry over to July, depending on how things go. Hopefully they won't need to and everything will work out juuuuust perfect. ;)

What are your goals this month? I would love to know!


  1. Good luck on your goals and on the move. Sounds scary indeed!

  2. Holy crap! East Bay Area!? That's where my hometown is!! (I grew up in Fremont!) And I feel ya on the rent. That is kinda why I'm not sure I can move back home in the future. ._. I will be crossing my limbs for you on your goals and on having a super-smooth moving process!

    1. That's crazy!! I work in San Jose! Thank you :)


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