Mermade Moments: Target Home Decor Deals!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Target Home Decor Deals!

Hi hi hi. I'm moving in 22 days! Eeeek! This past weekend, I was at my momma's and we went shopping. Home Goods, Target, all the stops.

I found some serious deals  STEALS at Target. So you should probably read this as you're driving to Target, so you don't miss out. Okay, that's dangerous. Grab a friend and have them read it while you drive.

I've been stalking some items at Target lately and I am not ashamed. I can't justify spending full price for things when I KNOW FOR A FACT they will get marked down. So, I've been waiting for weeks! Every time I needed something at Target, I would speed walk to the aisles holding my beloved sought after items. And finally, my patience was rewarded and I hooked myself up.

If you spend any time at Target, you may have seen those hot pink book ends with the gold anchors? Well I paid $7 bucks for those babies! I don't have a picture because I left them at my mom's house. (we are moving close to her, so she is holding all my new things for me until we move)

I scored this Nate Berkus picture frame for $3.88! I just saw they have a new lavender one out just like it. I will be keeping an eye out for the sale on that one as well.

This end table was on super sale! (or is it a stool?) I didn't buy it though. I'm hoping it'll go a tad lower. $48.98

This adorable little lobster pillow unfortunately does not go with the theme of our new apartment, so I left it behind. $7.48

This matchy matchy rug also doesn't match our apartment, but SO CHEAP. $7.48

This rug was super adorable, but J didn't like it. It was only $5.98.

My sister scored one of these Threshold lamps for $14.08. They were 70% off! She chose the yellow one. I might have to go back for that navy blue!

There is nothing more satisfying to me than getting an amazing deal on an item I really want! J said he was super impressed with my bargain shopping (swoon!)

I also scored a maxi skirt for $9.99. Thanks, Cartwheel!

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