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Friday, July 31, 2015

Sakroots for Life

Let me tell you a secret not so secret. I am all over the place. All. The. Time. I'm hardly ever home. I commute to work. I'm out and about on weekends. At any given time, I am probably carrying a planner or a notebook, my purse, a water bottle and a coffee. My hands are quite full. Literally.

If you're like me and feel the need to be prepared for everything at all times, I have a solution!

The Sakroots Flap Backpack. This backpack is amazing. It has a flap top, a cinch, tons of pockets, and even a pocket on the back for easy access to all your important stuff! It also comes with a pencil pouch. (I may or may not have a pen problem.)

I can use this bag to hold all the things. I can use it for work, for day trips, as an overnight bag, or for work trainings and classes. Perfection.

Remember that pen problem I briefly mentioned? Add a planner problem on top of that. I love planners, but I'm soooo picky. I want the right size planner, with lines to write on, with the right amount of room for each day, and a color scheme I won't get sick of. (Insert other ridiculous requirements here.)

Surprise...there's a Sakroots Agenda! And I love it. It's perfect. It has a hard cover with a strap. All my random lists won't fall out when I stuff them in my planner! The colors and prints are adorable. The writing space is just the right size and there's lines. Eeeeek. There is also stickers inside! A sheet of fun ones and event type ones.

But wait, there's more. Sakroots Artist Circle and their #chooseyourkarma campaigns work together to do big things. The adorable print of my bag (True Love) actually represents a charity! The sweet (and scary) honey bee. Each print represents a different charity close to the artist's heart.

shout out to my model bff, Beth!
With my backpack and planner, I am unstoppable. You can be too! Sign up for Sakroots emails and get 15% off your first purchase! If you're a college student, you can sign up to be a Sakroots ambassador too!

Which print would you choose?

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  1. Love that you got the planner to match the backpack! (Pink is secretly my favorite color; it looks great on everyone!) I got the spirit desert print!


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