Mermade Moments: August Goals

Monday, August 3, 2015

August Goals

Hi, July. Bye, July. So much for those goals!

I'M SERIOUS THIS TIME, YOU GUYS. This will be my month!

Quick life update: we are all moved into our new apartment. We killed our move on Friday thanks to our bffs, Beth and Evan. They were such a huge help and the move was flawless...well except for when our dresser fell over in the trailer. It's only a little unstable now :)

I'm ready to complete some goals! Something about a new month and a new apartment has me feeling all kinds of motivated.

  • go to the gym! we have one in our complex now!
  • meal prep lunches
  • celebrate my step dad's birthday
  • celebrate my dad's birthday
  • host a housewarming party
  • find cute, inexpensive ways to decorate our new place
  • start planning my niece's first birthday
  • start planning my sister's sweet sixteen!
  • plan our HallowDisney trip. eeeeeeek!

This month actually sounds like a lot of fun! We have a lot of family stuff coming up, which I always love. We want to start eating healthier/at home as much as possible. I also plan to use the gym at our complex. My three biggest excuses for not going to the gym are : 1) I don't want to drive 2) I don't want to pay the extra money 3) I don't have time. Well, I can't say any of those anymore, unfortunately. Maybe this will actually be the month that I stick to my plans!

What are some of you goals for August? I would love to encourage you! 

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    1. These are some awesome goals, girl!! Sounds like you've got tons of fun stuff planned!! My fiancé and I will be moving into our new home within the next few months, so my goals are to start packing up our stuff, and totally de-cluttering! And then, obviously, I need to go spend some money and start buying some super-cute stuff to decorate with. Here's to an awesome August!! xoxox, Kayla


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