Mermade Moments: Rocksbox Rocks My Socks

Monday, August 10, 2015

Rocksbox Rocks My Socks

hehehehe. I'm sure that line has been used soooo many times, but I don't care.

In case you don't know what Rocksbox is, it's a jewelry subscription box. It's $19 a month. You create a wishlist and your designer sends you pretty jewelry pieces to borrow and/or buy. If you hate everything in your box, you can send it right back and get another one sent out once they receive the original! If you want to keep a piece or two or three, you simply pay online and keep the pieces you wish. Also! Every month you get $10 of Shine Spend that can be used toward your jewelry purchase. How cool is that?

Rocksbox is my new favorite thing. Straight up. I took the style quiz and added a bunch of stuff to my wishlist and a few days later, my first box arrived!

The one thing they sent me that was on my wishlist : these Kendra Scott earrings. HELLO, BEAUTIFUL. $52.00

Second, was this gem-tastic statement necklace. I have a similar necklace, so I won't be purchasing this one, but I received so many compliments. $44.00

Third, was this edgy, fun statement necklace. I liked this necklace, but wearing it drove me nuts. The little shapes kept flipping up and it just wasn't that comfortable. I was aware of it all day long. I won't be purchasing this one. $60.00

The jewels I received are a little pricey, but it's so fun to borrow them and style outfits in new ways. I got multiple compliments on every piece! I can't wait to see what's in my next box!

For your first month free, use code meranneduh1xoxo at checkout and then let me know what you get! 

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  1. This is cool! I don't buy that much jewelry so I don't think it's necessarily for me, but those earrings are definitely gorgeous! <3

    xx, Allisonleighann


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