Mermade Moments: Avoiding Awkward with U by Kotex

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Avoiding Awkward with U by Kotex

I can happily say that I can count my embarrassing stories on one hand. The stories I do have, aren't even thaaaat embarrassing and they were all many years ago, so who cares! That's what I tell myself any way.

Update: (That was the preface of this post that I typed up yesterday...before I got home...and added another embarrassing story to my count.)  This one might take the cake.

So, let me tell you a little story. It was a fine Thursday evening when I arrived home. Jarad had gone to get pizza and I was all by myself. Obviously, the first thing I did was take off my pants. I hate pants. I went to the bathroom (door closed). When I opened the door, I was pantsless and saw a group of TEN firemen standing outside of our sliding glass door. (Our main living room wall is all windows and 2 sliding glass doors and our blinds were open.) Uhhhhh ohhhhhhh. I hurried back into the bathroom and came up with a game plan. "Okay, you can do this. They won't see you. Just open the door and duck into your room. You got this." (Mind you, I always keep my lounge clothes in the bathroom and that morning I was responsible and put them where they belong.) I opened the door, started to walk out of the bathroom and right as I turned to enter our room, one of the firefighters turned around. And stared at me. In my cute pink thong. He nodded politely as I stood there mortified. I ducked into our room, put on shorts and tried to act as natural as possible, as I waltzed back into the living room. (I couldn't hide forever. They were there for hours.)

When I was telling this story to my mom, she said "At least you were wearing cute undies." I responded with, "You're right! They could've been my period undies."

And that got me thinking. We shouldn't have to worry about ruining our undies and dubbing them "period undies". We should be able to live comfortably and confidently!

I recently picked up U by Kotex Lightday Liners and they are perf. The packaging is fun and compact. The liners are comfortable and allow me to sit back and relax without worrying about ruining another pair of cute undies! I love not being aware of "them". I've always been a liner lover and I'm even more of a fan now!

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Whaddya say? You wouldn't want to get caught in your period undies, now would you?

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