Mermade Moments: 5 Layer Twix Cake!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

5 Layer Twix Cake!

Say whaaaat? You read that right.


This last weekend, my family and I celebrated my Dad's birthday. In case you know absolutely nothing about me, I bake. Mostly cupcakes, sometimes other random things. But I don't make cakes.

I wanted to do something  special for my Dad's birthday, so I figured I would surprise everyone and whip up a super awesome cake. And I did. (Modesty was never my best quality.)

My dad loves Twix. So, I obviously had to make the most ridiculous Twix cake any of us have ever seen. I've actually never seen a Twix cake, so it wasn't that hard to beat. :)

I used these super awesome Wilton Easy Layer pans that my BFF got me for my birthday last year. 5 come in the pack and they are really shallow. Perfect for this. The cake only had to cook 10 minutes at 350.

I did a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting as my base. I bought shortbread cookies and caramel sauce and went to town. I wanted to be a little more creative than just throwing Twix on top. To save my family from diabetes, I only added the shortbread and caramel to every other layer. ;)

First things first, put a glob of frosting on your plate or cake board and push the first layer of cake down on top of it. That's your base. then spread a layer of chocolate frosting. Crumble up a short break cookie and drizzle with caramel. Add your second layer of cake. Spread the frosting. Skip the cookies and caramel. Add your third layer of cake. Add the cookies and caramel. The fourth layer is just cake and frosting. And finish off with your fifth layer and all the cookie and caramel goodness you can handle. If you add too much caramel, it will be a sticky mess. So maybe go easy.  I just did a little swirl.

I made this quick cake topper with wooden skewers and a piece of craft garland that I had. I hot glued each end to a skewer and voila! I got the candle at True Value. I figured my Dad would love it.

I do realize that this cake is ridiculous, but it's only 6 inches in diameter and 9 of us were sharing it and we still had left overs! We cut the cake into quarters and then each took a couple layers. We decided that would be the best way to tackle the beast.

What's your favorite candy bar? Maybe I'll turn it into a 5 layer cake ;) 

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  1. A TWIX cake? OMG I need that now. Twix is my fave candy too! Good taste, dad:)


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