Mermade Moments: What Really Happens to Your Body After Drinking a PSL - A Response

Thursday, September 17, 2015

What Really Happens to Your Body After Drinking a PSL - A Response

I read Yahoo articles every day. Some are interesting, some are dumb and I skip right over them and some are so enticing that I have to share. Today is the latter.

Let me start by saying I LOVE ALL THINGS PUMPKIN. The basic white girl life is the life for me and I'm not even sorry.

The article I'm going to respond to is all about how terrible the PSL is for your body. You can read it here. Guess what? I don't care. Everything is bad for you, blah blah. Everything will give you cancer, blah blah. Don't you dare take this away from me, Yahoo!

Here is the image found in the article. This is not my own image.

 I completely disagree. They left out some very important side effects and I'm here with the truth.

Blood: I only get 1 pump of syrup and no whip in my drink, so my blood is happy and soaking up all the pumpkin goodness. Okay!?
Heart: My heart is full of happiness, cloudy weather, and piles of freshly fallen leaves. I don't have any trouble sleeping either.
Bladder: Uh hi, I pee all the time. You can't blame the PSL for that.
Liver: My liver is just glad I'm not drowning it in alcohol like most people my age.
Appetite: Caffeine is an appetite suppressant for me, so I beg to differ here.
Productivity:  I can basically conquer the world after enjoying one of these bad boys.

In conclusion, this attack on the PSL is completely irrelevant and extremely personal to me. I hope you agree with me, but it's okay if you don't. My PSL will keep me warm at night. LOL.

I'm off to go feed my addiction, bye!


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