Mermade Moments: Tilly Puppy is 6!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tilly Puppy is 6!

I haven't mentioned my sweet pup in awhile, but today is her birthday and it's time to celebrate!

Here's a little backstory:

We got Tilly in January of 2010. She was born in September of 2009. My little sister and I had managed to convince my dad to stop at the Pet Co Adopt a Dog day and well...we walked out with a dog! She is a Brittany Spaniel, Australian Shepard mix.

her car ride to her new home!
I call it fate. We wanted to name our dog Tilly and the dog we wanted was already named Matilda. Meant. To. Be. If you ask me! (her full name is Matilda Bartholomew) She's fancy!

The shelter that we got her from was unsure of her actual birthday, so I made it September 22nd because that's my favorite number. She was abused before she came to us, so she was verrrrrry scared at the beginning. She was not fond of men at all. She cowered in the space between our furniture and our walls for days. I bribed her with treats and we've been best friends ever since.

she sat like this for days. (look at that puppy face)
Tilly is a member of our family, not just a pet. She has come a long way since we adopted her. She can still be skittish, but she is sooooo loving. She will lick your face off if you'll let her. She loves french fries and tortilla chips, taking naps, and watching reality tv. Sooo, she's basically me.

cuddling this weekend, still my BFF
She lives with my Dad and I miss her constantly. However, I'm puppy sitting her for the next week - just in time to spoil her rotten for her birthday.

grown up Tilly! 

My coworker made fun of me for acknowledging her birthday. How do you feel about it? Do you celebrate your pet's birthday? I would love to know!

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