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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Life Lately.

I've been totally MIA lately. Oops. 

Since moving to Monterey, I have blogged very little. I was working as a receptionist before I moved out here, so I was at a desk 8 hours a day - which meant I could blog for hours.

 I recently started a job as Barista/Shift Lead at a coffee shop in Pacific Grove. I LOVE IT. The area is so cute. The coffee shop is so cute. And my coworkers are awesome! I felt totally welcome and I'm so happy to be working there. I drive to work everyday in awe that I actually live here. My whole drive to work is along the beach. I can even see it while I'm walking from my car to the coffee shop! I park extra far just so I can walk and see all the Victorian houses and catch glimpses of the ocean from between the streets.

When Beth and I aren't working (she has two jobs), we eat good food, go on long walks to the beach, catch up on our favorite shows, and peruse Ulta aisles much to Jarad and Evan's dismay. We got home from work the other day and Jarad and Evan had made Bruschetta with Farmer's Market ingredients and were drinking wine. Love!

As for the 4th, my parents (mom and step dad), little sister and her friend came and camped for the weekend! They were camping super close to us and we got to hang out with them every night when I got off work. It was nice being able to show them what I'm always talking about.

This weekend, my aunts and their two baby kids are coming to stay! Eeeeek. I love family.
Next week, I get to pick up my Tilly puppy and dog sit her for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. I can't wait. AND THEN. My dad is coming to pick her up and he will be visiting us too! July is definitely family month over here.

I feel like we are finally settled in to our room/townhouse/my work schedule. I'm hoping to blog more. I also want to craft more and get my Etsy on.

There will be a couple giveaways coming up here soon, I just have to finish everything up! I haven't forgotten about you Amanda C! 


  1. Ah for driving along the beach and Victorian houses. Mine favorite two things in the world

  2. Oh my goodness. The beach and Victorian all sounds so beautiful! As sad as it is that you haven't had the blog-time you want, it is wonderful that you are loving your new job. I think working in a coffee shop would be my dream job. (That or a bookstore.) My sister-in-law has worked in the restaurant business for decades and adores every moment of it. So hopefully that is a great sign for you, too!

  3. You're living the great life, haha. Nice views!

  4. Which coffee shop? I. Here this week visit I g my grand ma -Sarah Crowell

  5. Aww this is awesome! I totally feel you, when I was working at school it was easier to blog than when I'm working in a restaurant! I'm so happy for you Miranda!!

  6. It sounds like you are loving your beach life. I am a tad bit jealous of the bruschetta and wine night.

  7. It's always great when you love your job and get to eat great food!

  8. Moving and settling in is a hassle but seems like you're handling it very well :) Bring on those giveaways ;)

  9. It was so nice to spend time with you both as you start your new journey not to mention I love Monterey more reasons to visit <3


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