Mermade Moments: What's Really In My Bag?

Friday, July 11, 2014

What's Really In My Bag?

I see the "What's In My Bag Posts" all the time. I can't help but feel like they are a little staged. You mean to tell me you carry around your nicest purse, your nicest wallet, and your most expensive make up ALL THE TIME? Where's your chapstick? Your gum? No random change floating around the bottom of your bag??? Lies!

So today. It's going to get real. Here's what's really in my bag.


All the big stuff first! 
  • First City Music Festival flier 
  • Kate Spade wallet (more on that in a second)
  • Starbucks napkins that I meant to throw out
  • My May Design planner
  • My $1 pouch from Target - I put my tip money in there
  • Bath and Body coupons because duh

  • Orbit gum always
  • Nyx Butter Lipstick in Sweet Tart
  • Blistex Raspberry Lemonade chapstick
  • Car keys. Cute cupcake key chain courtesy of my BFF
  • My house key for Monterey
  • My Nemo house key for my hometown house
  • Gold Bond Healing Lotion because a Barista needs it! 
  • Eye drops. I wear contacts and would DIE without them
  • an Underarmour headband. Life saver.
  • A blue pen and a purple pen -  I color code things
See?? Normal stuff!!! Maybe a little too many normal things, but whatever. I'd rather be prepared than be somewhere without two different colored pens! ;)

Brag Coming... I got that Kate Spade wallet for half off at an opening day sale. $70 bucks baby. I'm soooo in love with it. (I've never had anything real leather before.) 

Well, that's it folks! I'm off to clean out my purse...but really I'm going to throw those napkins away and be done. :)


  1. The main reason I love Kate Spade is because it's durable with clean and simple lines. It's the kind of item that will really last forever. It's the same reason my every day bag is a Dooney and Bourke. I got it from QVC so I got 3 DB items for the price of one purse. This reminds me that I need to clean it out though. I've got so many old receipts and other crap in there haha.

  2. The Nemo house key is so stinking cute. I have a cute little monkey key...or mon-key. Haha. :] // ☼

  3. Such a cute wallet and I love how you added the imperfections of whats in your bag like the starbucks napkin... Great post! XO, Nicole @

  4. hahaha i'm glad you kept it real...i just switched bags and realized that i apparently spilled a bottle of advil in the pocket of one without realizing and when i opened the pocket it was filled with crushed orange powder. gross.

  5. Blistex Raspberry Lemonade is my favorite. It is is wonderful!

  6. Totally agree with you that sometimes bag posts seem super staged! I've yet to do one, but it will definitely include random receipts I've yet to throw out, and bandaids (since when you have a three year old, you never know).

  7. Your post seems SO real , haha! My bag is usually full of trash , so I haven't even thought about making What's In My Bag post.

  8. Love Kate Spade! I got my wallet/clutch combo over for 60% off online. I know carry it everywhere with me.


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