Mermade Moments: Video Games and Mean Girls

Monday, July 21, 2014

Video Games and Mean Girls

video games and mean girls

Jarad and I have lived in Monterey for almost two months! Where has the time gone??

I didn't really know what to expect when moving in with Jarad because I have never lived with a boyfriend before. It's been easier than I thought. Honestly, I was a little panicked about sharing a room. Would there be enough room? What if I brought too much stuff? What if he brought too much stuff? What if he's messy?

Much to my surprise, it's been a lot of fun and we have had no problems. I may take up a little too much room in the closet, but he has more stuff on the book shelf. It's all about balance right? ;)

The other day I was picking up around our room and spotted some things that made me laugh.

ribbons and baseball caps
he makes the bed and folds my baby pillow and blankie.

tools where he keeps his undies?
shopping trips. his shoes and my purse.

There really isn't much of a point to this post. I just thought the mix of boy/girl items in the room was funny.

Have you ever lived with your significant other before? How do you feel about it?


  1. Ha ha that's part of what is so fun about moving in with your significant other, you quickly learn all their little quirks. I'm happy to hear things are going well!

  2. Thank you sweetie for the great laugh 😂I love the pillow ,good times even better memories <3

  3. I've lived with my now husband since day one actually! We originally started as roommates, kind of thrown together by necessity, and after a few weeks we decided to start dating as we discovered we liked each other! It was definitely weird and awkward to be living together from day one, but hey six years and a little one later we are still two happy clams! Sometimes the odd ways are the best ways. :D


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