Mermade Moments: DIY Glitter Mason Jars (a different way!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

DIY Glitter Mason Jars (a different way!)

I know you all are probably thinking, "Seriously? Glitter mason jars? Been there, done that!" Sorry, but I did this the non-glitter dipped way.

I looooove this process. It's no mess, no clean up and inexpensive! It can be made as flashy or understated as you want.

You will need:
  • a mason jar - any size you want - this is a standard sized one
  • glitter - of course
  • glossy mod podge - I got a 2 ounce bottle from the Dollar Tree!
  • a paper plate
  • something to stir with - popsicle stick, straw, something disposable. 
First things first! I'm the realest ;) Get all your supplies together. Pick your glitter color and glitter size. It's a tough decision! I went with gold. I used bigger glitter. The jar will look different with smaller glitter.

Squeeze or pour some mod podge into your jar. You have to guesstimate. I used about an inch (most of a 2 ounce bottle) for a standard mason jar and it ended up being a little too much.Don't worry if you use too much! See the next few steps.

Dump some glitter in there on top of the mod podge. Then stir, stir, stir until nicely combined.

Once your glitter podge is all mixed up, start turning your mason jar to cover the inside with the glitter podge mixture. Don't use a paint brush or anything. Just keep turning and tilting that jar until the inside is completely covered.

Then! Put your jar upside down onto a paper plate. Let all the excess drip out. I let mine sit for 1.5 hours and look at all the extra I had!

Once all the extra is out, you can let your jar sit right side up where ever you want while it dries. The time it takes to dry completely varies on where you live, your house, etc. I live in Monterey, so it takes a little longer for me. Mine too 24 hours in our house and about 12 in my hot car in San Jose. (Hahaha)

Ta daaaaaa! So pretty, right??? I used my jar for cake forks for my niece's second birthday :) Everyone loved the jar!


  1. So cute! I pinned so I can find it later.

  2. Love it! This would be a fun project for my daughter and I to work on together. She loves crafts and of course...sparkles!

  3. I will be doing this for Chloe's next birthday!!!! So creative, thanks for the idea!

  4. I will be sharing this wonderful project with my niece, who is crazy about crafts...this is beautiful

  5. That is creative! I'm crazy for glittering decorations!

  6. This is such a creative idea! I will share it with my friend, she has a five year old, they would probably enjoy this activity.

  7. This is a such creative pretty creative

  8. It's a great idea and yes it is very pretty.

  9. That is a really unique and fabulous idea that I like.It would be adorable for party decorations and lots of different ideas.

  10. What a fun craft. Kids would enjoy doing this


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