Mermade Moments: March Goals

Monday, March 2, 2015

March Goals

Seriously, March?

I have half ass written goal posts for January and February and they just never got published. I'm writing this post a few days ahead of time in hopes that I will actually get it up in time! (edit: march 2nd, not so bad!)

My goals always seem so general to me - but I guess it doesn't matter, right? I'm sure they will be more exciting when I've actually got things going on other than working and sleeping.
  • make healthier food choices 
  • pack a lunch 4 times a week
  • make coffee at home instead of buying it
  • send 5 handwritten letters (one for every week) read about my snail mail challenge here.
  • exercise 3-4 times a week
  • complete the 30 day Blogilates slimmer thigh challenge
  • decide on a summer trip destination
  • no fast food - trying to wean myself off the fries ;)
  • save $700-$1000 this month
  • craft something special for my niece's second birthday! 

Well there you have it, folks! If you post your monthly goals, send me your links! I would love to see what you're working on - maybe we can motivate each other :) 


  1. Pray tell, what are Blogilates? In general, my goals are very general, or very generic, as well. Eat less sugar, sleep earlier, get up earlier, interact more, bla bla bla.

    Good luck with getting yours done!

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  2. I hope you achieve your goals for this month!

  3. Great goals, good luck! I definitely need to work on saving more money or at least keep track of how much I'm saving each month! Giving up fast food would be super hard for me. There are some days where I can't think of anything to pack for lunch and just end up going to get fast food!


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