Mermade Moments: DIY Halloween Costumes - Mike and Sully

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DIY Halloween Costumes - Mike and Sully

We scare because we care! Straight up, I love Monsters Inc. Annnnd so does my best friend. She's Mike and I'm Sully. We dressed up for Mickey's Halloween Party a couple weeks ago and we decided to go in costume. Obvi!

Beth was Mike. (surprise)  Her costume was perfection. Below is the list of items she used to put her costume together.
  •  an over-sized sweatshirt and dyed it lime green (Tulip brand dye)
  • felt for the eyeball and smile
  • green beanie
  • horns were actually plastic squash covered in felt from the craft store. how brilliant is that?
  • lime green converse 
waddup snap chat?
I was Sully. (surprise) Below is the list of items I used to put my costume together.
  • a white fur vest from Target that I dyed teal (Tulip brand dye)

  • purple acrylic paint + textile medium for the spots + a giant round ish sponge
  • a tail made of feather boas
  • a black headband
  • horns were actually red devil horns painted with a mix of tan and white paint
  • pastel purple lips for funsies
  • silver sparkle toms because yes 
snapchat for the win...again!
Our costumes ended up being fairly simple to make and turned out so cute! I've seen many different variations of these costumes online, but none were exactly what we wanted.

TIP: If you mix acrylic paint with fabric medium it makes a permanent fabric paint! An employee at Hobby Lobby told me that! It worked perfectly for my spots.

 What are you being for Halloween this year? Do you DIY your costumes?

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