Mermade Moments: The Easiest Candy Corn Icing Ever!

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Easiest Candy Corn Icing Ever!

I'm in full Halloween mode over here, you guys! This past weekend, J and I went to visit our old roommates in Monterey. Lucky for me, my BFF loves Halloween as much as I do. On Saturday, we decided to bake cookies and watch the Hollywood Tower of Terror on DVD. $7.99 at Target with a cartwheel coupon!

We didn't want to make plain old sugar cookies and we may have picked up a few bags of candy corn on said Target trip. Soooo, ta daaaaa!


This is sugar on sugar on sugar and we're okay with that.

Use any sugar cookie recipe you want. Bagged, boxed, homemade, whatevs! The icing is all that matters on this one.

snap chat sneak peek ;)
We straight up dumped candy corn into a double boiler and stirred until they melted. It was a slow start, but once they started melting it was quick! We added a few splashes of cream to create icing consistency.

appetizing orange goop, I know.

This was really a brilliant idea on our part. Most icings are 99.9% sugar anyway, so this was perfection! These aren't outrageously sweet or anything, so don't be scared off! We drizzled our icing because we weren't sure how good these would be. You could most definitely spread a thing layer on the cookie and add some festive sprinkles! That's my plan for next time. Also, we pushed a piece of candy corn into some of the cookies for a fun surprise!

Now, let's take a poll. Do you love candy corn? Or hate it? I bet you can guess what side we're on!

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