Mermade Moments: Mermaid First Birthday Party!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mermaid First Birthday Party!

My sweet niece Hanaly (hawn-uh-lee) turned one a few weeks ago and we had her party this last weekend.

I had a lot of fun putting things together for her mermaid celebration and everything turned out so cute! She is a little ball of sunshine and I love her to pieces.

  • lanterns from Target
  • banner from Target
  • plates, napkins, cups and silverware from Target 
  • sea shells collected over the years
  • printables found in the depths of the internet 
  • plastic sea shell plates from Oriental Trading 

Mermaid Munchies:
  • clam shell cookies (nilla wafers, frosting, and sixlet pearls)
  • seaweed skewers (grapes)
  • flip flip cookies (nutter butters with frosting straps and sprinkle accents)
  • fish and chips (potato chips and goldfish crackers)
  • submarine sandwiches (Togo's sandwiches)
  • sea foam floats (root beer floats) 
  • star fish (rice krispies)
  • beach themed smash cake 

I was in charge of the various sweet things, decorations and the smash cake. Surprise! ;)

Let me start by saying, those super smooth ombre cakes found on Pinterest are hard work! Next time, I need a cake turn table and different frosting. And maybe some unofficial practice.

The rest of the munchies were super fun and easy to make! Fun and easy are two of my favorite things. I'm an over thinker, worrier, and planner - so I like to keep things as easy as possible.

I had a mermaid themed birthday party last year that I never  blogged about. I'm a pro now! This theme will never get old. I think it would be super cute to do a mermaid/pirate theme. You could have so much fun with that.


  1. I love this! I am definitely going to be borrowing a few of these ideas.

  2. What did you use for the "pearls" inside the clams?

    1. Wilton makes pearl candies for cakes/baked goods. :)

  3. It was so lovely birthday party. Hope you had great time on your birthday! Last year I had a blasting birthday bash at one of my favorite party venues in NYC but this year I celebrated birthday only with family at home. Well, it was also an enjoyable day!


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