Mermade Moments: Friday Favorites 1.22.16

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites 1.22.16

I'm just bursting at the seams with favorites for you guys this week! Seriously, all week long I would say to myself "Oh! There's another favorite!"

Also shout out to my older sister. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, T!  You can be one of my Friday Favorites ;)


My new May Designs notebooks. They were on sale! Swoon! 


COOKIE BUTTER CHEESECAKE BITES from Trader Joes. Holy Moses, these are SO good. Like really really good. Each square is 90 calories, so that obviously means I can eat 4. On the real though, I eat one (or two) every day when I get home from work and my mood improves instantly!


Pioneer Woman everything at Walmart. She has the cutest items for your kitchen and they are totally inexpensive. Insert all of the heart eyes here. I bought this pitcher for my sister and her friend this week and I need to go back and get one for myself.


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Sims 3. Yaaaaasssssss. J surprised me the other day by downloading Sims 3 onto my laptop. I haven't played Sims in years and I am totally addicted again.

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