Mermade Moments: Thoughts I Have While Watching Making A Murderer

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thoughts I Have While Watching Making A Murderer

If you haven't seen the 'Making a Murderer' documentary on Netflix, go now. Then come back to this post when you're done. Words cannot even describe. I sat in disbelief for 99% of the 10 episodes. My mouth fell open countless times. I name called. I yelled at the TV. I tweeted angrily. I had trouble falling asleep. You get the idea. My head was spinning with thoughts and when I could think semi-clearly, I made some notes on my iPhone. They were not in chronological order and were written as follows:
  • who makes a video about dying? weirdo.
  • if her body was thrown in a bonfire on the land that the whole family lives on, nobody smelled the burning flesh? highly unlikely. 
  • your roommate is missing for 3 days and you don't tell anyone? suspicious.
  • why is her brother so creepy? SO CREEPY.
  • "oh I just guessed her password and listened to her messages. I figured it was her sister's birthdays." that isn't weird at all. nope. 
  • raped, shot and stabbed and there's no blood anywhere? totally makes sense. 
  • how do these people sleep at night? 
  • questioning a minor without a lawyer or parent present? totally legit. 
  • why does Kratz sound like such a woman? Pansy. Creep. Worst person ever.
  • Judge Willis sucks ass. Where's Judge Judy at? 
  • LIARS. ALL LIARS. (throws box of chocolates at the TV like Elle Woods)
  • "poor people always lose." (insert broken heart emoji here)
  • "i'm stupid." (insert 10 broken heart emojis here)  
  • i'm never setting foot in Manitowoc County. ever.

Honestly, this doesn't even begin to cover it. I'm sad for Steven Avery. My heart hurts for Brendan Dassey. Brendan will be eligible for parole in 2048. He will be 59 years old. He will have spent more time in prison than he ever did in the free world x 3. THERE WASN'T EVEN ANY PHYSICAL EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM - just a "confession". He will never have a normal life. The justice system failed him.

Have you watched it? How do you feel about it?


  1. I am partially through it and I am also taking notes in my phone for when I post about it. The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach to think about. Especially Brendan Dassey... Who in their right mind finds that confession true?!?! The investigators just kept on coxing him and coaching him until he cracked and lied to get out of there.

  2. Disturbing~ the whole thing. Whether these men did commit a crime, any part of a crime or were framed.....clear as mud I say!
    I consider myself an informed and reasonably intelligent person and cannot make sense of it.

  3. I really need and want to watch this!


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