Mermade Moments: 6 Ways To Have A Better Commute

Thursday, February 4, 2016

6 Ways To Have A Better Commute

In case this is your first time here or you don't follow me on any form of social media, you don't know that I commute for work. I only live about 30 miles from my job. However, the fastest I ever get home is about an hour. Last Friday, it took me two hours and ten minutes. I'm pretty much always in a constant state of hangry, traffic induced depression. 

 A few years ago, I commuted with my dad and we spent a minimum of 5 hours in a car each day. Last year, I drove about 120 miles a day from Monterey to where I work. Annnnnd this year, I'm only doing 60 miles a day. (haha only 60) Sadly, I consider myself an advanced level commuter. If you want pro tips, talk to my dad!

Here's what helps me stay semi-sane out their on the roads. For tips on being the best commuter ever, read this post from February of 2015.
  • Music - A good playlist/podcast can change your commuting life. My current choice is Sam Hunt's album on repeat. If you don't have Amazon Prime Music, download the app. I like it waaaay better than Pandora. You can actually listen to the songs you want! No waiting and waiting  for the song you actually want to hear.
  • Snacks - If I don't pack snacks, you better stay far, far away from me. I try to keep snacks in my bag, but I ALWAYS have a granola bar stashed in my car for those times I forget. This is going to sound so lame, but if traffic is really bad I'll play games while eating - like take a bite every minute or something. It stops me from eating my snack in two seconds and it helps time go by faster for me.
  • Water - I will not leave the office without a water bottle or a Redbull (for those desperate days). I need something to wash down that granola bar and for as long as I can remember, my mom would always tell me to make sure I had snacks and water in my car in case something were to ever happen. Job well done, mom! 
  • Sunglasses - There's this certain spot of my commute where the sun is KILLER. Without my sunglasses, I would without a doubt go blind and crash my car. I don't really wear sunglasses any other time besides when I'm sitting in traffic, so I always have a pair in my car. 
  • Dance Parties - When I commuted from Monterey, I would ALWAYS have dance parties in the morning. I was so tired. It was dark. The drive was so slow. I would dance like a crazy person to keep myself awake. This is also a good way to improve your mood and to make friends with the people sitting in traffic next to you. 
  • Motivational Mantras - I have two things I tell myself multiple times a day. The first is "You can't help if you're smarter than these people" and "You can't be stuck in traffic forever. This will be over soon!" The first one might be a little rude, but seriously, the road is a crazy place full of crazy, stupid people. The second is the whole truth. Sometimes it feels like I'll be stuck in my car forever, so I have to remind myself that I'll be home before I know it.

Do you commute? What are your tried and true tricks to surviving it? I would love to know!


  1. Another value packed post! Thanks for being you!

  2. Hi Miranda,
    Great tips!
    I like to listen to NPR, especially in the mornings. Friday mornings are the best because Sie Witaker hosts The Do List. This list informs you of art and entertainment going on in the Bay Area over the weekend.


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