Mermade Moments: February Goals // 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

February Goals // 2016

Let's get straight to the point. January kinda sucked. I'm ready to start the year over on February 1st. Can I tell you how excited I am that the first of the month is a Monday? My slightly OCD heart is so happy. Even though January sucked, I pretty much killed my goals. There's the positive! My January success looks like this...

  • blog more!
  • comment on other blogs & become active in bloggy Facebook groups
  • eat out less // cook at home more
  • spend less (stop those Target trips giiiiirrrrrl)
  • donate clothes at least once this month
  • organize the kitchen cabinets (lawdy lawdy)
  • stop being so lazy and go do things!
  • mail 4 letters to loved ones

I think this is the most successful month of goals I've ever had, which is very weird since January was one of the most draining months ever. I blogged more consistently. Hallelujah! I commented on blogs more often and commented in the Facebook groups that I'm involved in. We ate dinner at home almost every night. I need to get back in the groove of packing a lunch every day, but progress is progress! I didn't shop much at all this month and when I did, it was for other people's birthdays :) I donated clothes once this month and already have a pile going for February. I was less lazy, but still not as active as I would like. I have a feeling this will be a continuous goal. We hung out with friends a lot, which was great. I'm really working on "watering" my relationships. Now I just need to be physically active! I totes met my goal of mailing 4 letters to loved ones. I love snail mail. However, I failed so hard at those kitchen cabinets. It's such a daunting task and I keep putting it off.

  • keep blogging!
  • keep commenting/being active on other blogs and in Facebook groups
  • practice yoga
  • complete the "Healthy Moments" ab calendar
  • be more intentional with my time (in general and with J)
  • host the best Valentine's themed birthday party for my almost NINE year old niece
  • attempt those kitchen cabinets again 
  • make dinner during the week/pack more lunches

How was your January? I feel like a lot of people are using February has a start over month. If you keep track of your monthly goals, leave your link in the comments. I would love to read them. 

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