Mermade Moments: Diamond Candles

Monday, December 2, 2013

Diamond Candles

This is my very first (unsponsored) product post.
I received my first Diamond Candle this weekend! I ordered it a couple weeks ago and I could not wait to get it. I ordered the Apple Slice.
Here's the low down.
  • $24.95 gets you a 21 ounce soy candle with a diamond ring inside! The rings range from $10, $100, $1000 or $5000!!
  • There is a gold, circle sticker on the inside of the glass that tells you where your ring is.
  • Technically, you are supposed to burn it until that point and then get your ring out. I, however, took a spoon to it. :) patience has never been a virtue of mine.
this was after I put all the wax back in

So you dig and you dig, I mean burn, until you see that shiny glimmer of gold. This is what emerges.
My ring was in the $10 range, but it was beautiful. (the website has guidelines to tell how much your ring is worth) Ready for it????

Ain't she a beauty??? Coulda fooled me with that $10 price tag! I got that rock and a yummy smelling candle!

Diamond Candles is the perfect gift for all the lovely ladies in your life!

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