Mermade Moments: Drop It Like A Squat

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Drop It Like A Squat


I have a love hate relationship with squats. Mostly hate.

I've realized I cannot complete the 30 day squat challenges with 4,000 squats in a row. I just can't. I get bored. My legs break off. Ain't nobody got time for 4,000 squats or legs breaking off.

In case you were wondering, 69 days until my Caribbean vacation. My thighs are staring up at me like "SHRINK US!!!!!!!!!!!" That's actually a really weird image, but whatevs.

I have compiled a whole list of squat motivation, including a squat challenge that does not require 4,000 of the same type of squat in a row. My attention span is thanking me already.

PLEASE do this with me, so I don't have to be miserable fit and fabulous alone.
Hmmm. Interesting.
I needed this lovely piece of motivation.
Toned please!
If I was your boss I would accept this excuse.
I need this.
So...who's with me??? I'm starting this today. No April Fools jokes here!

*None of these pictures are mine. I found them on Pinterest and the links were dead ends. So credit to whoever owns them*
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  1. This is the Squat Challenge that I do!! I like it :) It's taped up to my closet so I don't forget lol.

  2. I just recently came across your blog and I love it! Im joining the squat challenge too! Just recently started blogging please stop by my blog I could use few pointers.

    1. Forgot to add my blog It is my forst blog and still a work in progress.

  3. That looks like a much better challenge than the normal boring one! One thing I have learned is that variety keeps me motivated longer than repetition. :)

  4. 1. I was totally thinking about doing a squat challenge! I'm in!
    2. Love that T-shirt.
    3. I so hate when that happens on Pinterest!
    4. You should totally link up with Allie and Kay for Tough It Out Tuesday. It is super way to get motivation and encouragement from girls going through the same thing!
    5. Toned butt > thigh gap any day. Seriously, thigh gap people look sick or something.

  5. I actually love squats, but this is great motivation. That ecard for not coming into work is hilarious! And I love the squat+mean girls reference shirt.

  6. Um, I'm obsessed with this squat challenge! Holy bananas, I'm totally doing this with you!! Also, I wonder if squats really do burn more than any other move.. Now I'm curious. Regardless, I'm about to do all the squats!

  7. Coming over from the linkup! Who would ever want to do 4,000 squats? I definitely would lose my place counting too. Not to mention it just sounds awful. The one you posted seems much more do-able.

  8. Haha a squat challenge? Sounds intersting..I don't like any exercises where I have to work out my booty, they just suck! lol I make myself do them I'm going to take you up on this challenge!

  9. Definitely doing this!! Except, probably in May. There's too much going on in April to remember to eat at normal times, let alone to remember to squat. lol #weddingproblems

  10. Oooooh i LOVE that squat outline way better. Totes gonna steal it ;)

  11. Ahaha love all this motivation! So good!!

  12. I'm so in!!! A few days late...

  13. Squats are simply the DEVIL. I pinned that first picture and I can't wait to do this. I want toned legs soooo bad! Let's do this!


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