Mermade Moments: Zombies, Ghosts and Monsters...Oh My!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Zombies, Ghosts and Monsters...Oh My!


I have an overactive imagination. It's pretty ridiculous. Like that one time I watched The Walking Dead before bed and every sound I heard was obviously a zombie...

Let's make a list. Shall we?

The porcelain wind chime thing I have in my room makes noise.
  • Normal People? Oh it's just the fan.
  • Me? GHOST!
My blanket and/or body part is hanging off the bed.
  • Normal People? Whatever.
  • Me? Oh hell no! The monster under my bed will get me!
Everyone at work is in a staff meeting and I hear a sound down the hallway.
  • Normal People? Who ditched the meeting?!
  • Me? OMG ZOMBIE. I'm not even ready for the Apocalypse!
My dogs ears perk up while we're trying to go to sleep.
  • Normal People? Silly dog, go to sleep!
  • Me? Somebody must be breaking in. What can I use to stab the intruder?!

This whole post started because I always see girls taking pretty bubble baths with candles and what not, IN THE DARK. Are you kidding me? Have you not seen the things that come up out of the water? Or out of the bathroom mirror? Oculus anybody? No thank you. I'll leave my lights on for the rest of forever.

In case you wondering...yes I do sleep with my TV on. I also never peek in the bathroom before I turn the light on.

I think I watched too many scary movies as a kid. Thanks Mom.


  1. I LOVE the thrill of scary movies and zombie apocalypse...but I hate the nightmares!! My dog freeeaakkkks out over any abnormal sound..and he's my guard dog. Otherwise, I'd be scared for me life!!

  2. I can't sleep with my hand or foot hanging off the bed either.
    Also, I over analyze every strange sound I hear and always think something is after me.
    You're not alone.

  3. woah I am glad I do not live in your imagination. I actually might be dead because of all the zombies.

  4. Oh my goodness I am glad to see I am not the only person like this! I have to make sure our bathroom and closet doors are closed before I can go to bed otherwise I'm too afraid of what might pop out at night. Per usual my husband thinks I'm nuts

  5. Oh my gosh I am the same way! Everything terrifies me, yet it still doesn't stop me from watching all those horror movies. Oops.

  6. I think I'm the exact opposite...even more so than the normal people.

    The other day it was still dark out and I was walking by some bushes by my apartment building's empty parking lot and some sort of animal jumped out right in front and started coming right at me. Right before it hit me it changed directions and darted away. I didn't even break stride... I thought to myself "a normal person would have jumped or something"

  7. Haha too funny! I love that show but not sure it ever enters my real life ;)


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