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Friday, April 4, 2014

My Favorite Pop-Up Shops

Before I started with this whole budgeting thing, I was an online shopping addict. I love good deals. I love small businesses. I love supporting small business by purchasing those good deals. It's a vicious cycle.

I've mentioned before that I unsubscribed from all shopping emails except for my favorite pop up shops. I just couldn't part with them. Introducing the faaaaabulous :

Pick Your Plum:
MY FAVORITE. My go to shop for a lot of things. This is a crafters dream. I often buy cupcake liners, resin flowers, and shabby chic flowers from here. The prices cannot be beat. Seriously. Oh! Your items are shipped quickly and they give you a Laffy Taffy in each package :)
Oh Jane. How I love thee. They have deals on crafty things, clothes, jewelry, you name it they have it. I love their selection of accessories and scarves. I did a lot of my Christmas shopping through them! Shipping is super quick here too, but no Laffy Taffy.

Brickyard Buffalo:
BB is hit or miss. Sometimes there is cute stuff for an amazing deal and other times there is cute stuff for EXPENSIVE. My heart breaks a little each time I get my hopes up for an item and realize it isn't a really good deal. I'm also sort of cheap, so this could be a personal problem. Oops. Either way, the stuff is so cute!

You should definitely sign up for one - or all of these. Unless you're budgeting like me. Then just don't do it. Spare your heart and your bank account.

*these images are not my own. they belong to the owners of these shops.*

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am so addicted to online shopping. The Internet is a flippin' 24-hour shopping source! Good for you for nixing most of those daily emails. I really need to do that too!


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