Mermade Moments: Wish Upon A Wednesday

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wish Upon A Wednesday

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This is my first time ever co-hosting a link up! Woot woot! Thank you Ellie and Charlotte :)
This week, I am wishing for some funny screened tees. You know the ones you always see, but can never justify buying? I want one. In a bro tank preferably. Here are some of my favorite ones from Skreened. They are decently priced and there are so many options!
1. Mean Girls of course.

2. NO PANTS? Somebody gets me.
3. I've posted this one before, but it just doesn't get old. Once I complete my squat challenge, I might actually get it!

My wish list of things is embarassingly long. So I will keep it short for this week...releasing a little at at a time! Haha!
Some real life wishes.
1) I wish someone would come clean and pack my room and bathroom for my move.
2) I wish I was on vacation.
3) I wish I worked at a bakery.
4) I wish I was a mermaid. The end!


  1. Love your wishes...I have a bad habit of getting on etsy and ordering the crap out of screened all 3 of yours!! :)

  2. Ha ha you crack me up. I am right there with you on the bakery though, then I could eat everything!

  3. hahaha! These are funny! I love them all.


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