Mermade Moments: Tutu-torial

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


TUTU TUtorial on TUesday. Okay, I'm done now.

My niece Endsly just turned 1 and I got to help with the party prep! This sweet thang got to wear a Nanda Original. (My nieces call me Nanda) Tutus are so easy to make and you probably don't really need this tutorial since there's 58,000 others ones, buuuut what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't include one!?

You Will Need:
  • tulle - I used about 1/2 a yard in each color for this tutu, but she's little. It's only like $1.50 a yard, so don't be afraid to get too much!
  • elastic for the waist band or ribbon - I used elastic
  • scissors
  • measuring tape or ruler
  • LOTS of table or floor space
How To:
1. You must put your hair in a ridiculous bun. People will know you're serious.
2. Have your pretty colors and supplies ready!
3. Cut your elastic to the correct size. I used 17 inches for Ends.
4. Fold the elastic in half. Put a dot of glue a little bit away from the edge - like where my fingers are pinching.
5. It will look like the picture above. You want to take the flap and glue it to one side of the elastic. Put the dot of hot glue right in between where you are pinching.
Now the elastic should look like that! ^^
6. It's tulle time!!!! I used a half a yard of each color. Make sure you cut your tulle to the correct size. Lay it out flat on your work surface and start rolling!
7. Your ends will be all cray cray and you want to cut them so everything matches up.
pretty pretty!

8. Now! Cut your tulle in 3 inch sections - give or take - it isn't a big deal.
9. Once you have the first color done, go back and follow the above steps for the other two colors. I like to have all of my tulle cut. It's definitely the most tedious part.
10. Take a looooong piece of tulle, fold it in half, and cut on the fold. One loooong piece will end up being 2 shorter pieces. Do this for allllll of your pieces.
11. Make sure you have something to stretch out your elastic while you are tying on your tulle. I was able to use my thigh for this one. I've used cardboard, binders, etc in the past.
12. Take your small strip of tulle and fold it in half, pinch about an inch from the fold to create a loop.
13. Slip this under the elastic. Now just pull the hanging pieces through the loop. You'll have to adjust it a little to lay right. I like to alternate my colors in some sort of pattern.
**You have a choice here** You can use one strip per loop or two strips. The picture shown above is one strip. I will show you what it would look like with two strips. I prefer two. It gives a more solid, full look.
The picture above is with two layers. See the difference?
14. Contine on all the way around. I like to push my colors together so when the tutu is being worn, you don't see any elastic.

the inside of the elastic

Making a tutu is actually really easy. The cutting takes the longest, but once you are done, throw on a movie and start looping!
Every baby girl needs a tutu. I also may have made a Halloween one for my dog once. I have no shame.


  1. How totally cute! You provided very helpful and detailed directions!

  2. You made this look so easy! That tutu is adorable and it looks so cute on your niece. How blessed is she to have a sweet and creative auntie!

  3. This is really cute!!! Love it! :)

  4. Ok now that is cute! If I have a girl I am definetly making one of these... actually I may just make one to put on my dog... yeah I am that person...

  5. This is my favorite way to make tutus!


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