Mermade Moments: More To Love With popchips!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

More To Love With popchips!

This post was sponsored by popchips. All opinions are my own.

The first time I tried popchips, I was sitting in a 1 hour meeting for work, dying of boredom. I saw them sitting in a basket and was intrigued by all the words on the packaging.

Real ingredients. 
No added preservatives.
No synthetic colors.
No cholesterol.
0 grams trans fats. 
Gluten free. 

Uhhhh these are chips right??? Never fried, never baked. Dare I say healthy chips? You can eat 22 chips for just 120 calories! 

The best part? popchips is now giving their customers 15% more chip goodness for the same price!!

What can you do with all those extra chips? 

- make a Greek yogurt ranch dip to accompany your popchips. No guilt! 
- use popchips for a crunchy chicken breading
- toss popchips on a salad instead of croutons
- make a yummy homemade salsa and buy tortilla popchips
- or maybe even share with a loved one! 

popchips are the perfect summertime snack. No yucky stuff means no guilt!

You can enter the More to Love sweepstakes until 5/31! Share your popchips love story and receive a coupon for 55 cents off. Try them for yourself :) 

The winner will receive $500 and 3 cases of popchips!

What's your favorite flavor? I'd have to say BBQ or sour cream and onion!

Thank you for sponsoring this post popchips! I just had to try the 15% more ;) 

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